Detroit Institute of Art – Sell Painting Copies not Originals

Detroit is having hard times and the city has declared bankruptcy.  Some say the Detroit Institute of Art, home to many fine masterpieces, should sell off it’s major paintings. I say it should sell off copies!


Sometimes the best ideas come from left field. The museum need not sell a single painting – instead it could sell gliclees (exact copies) of many of it’s paintings – most are in storage where no one sees them anyway.

Part of the new art – opposed to what modern art has become – called Noism; is mass production of art. Why not this museum, and certainly any cash strapped ones, instead of storing their paintings out of sight, or selling them for needed cash, COPY them. Make high quality gliclees of their paintings and sell them. Gets the museum much needed funds, shows the world, the paintings stored in the vaults, and brings art out of the ivory tower and back into the world where it belongs.

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