NPR Bans Me from Music Discussions (new music talk, banned)

NPR has banned me from comment on most music threads on its website.
Since April of this year (it’s August now) I’ve tried to find out why.

Finally got someone there to tell me why:

From: Kate Myers <>
To: Tom Hendricks <>
Sent: Monday, August 5, 2013 9:53 AM
Subject: Re: Blocked from music comment


You’ve been blocked from commenting in several of our music topics because of continued violations of the rules there. We haven’t found your comments elsewhere on the site to be as problematic, so we’ve left your ability to comment there.

Kate Myers
Kate Myers
Product Manager, Social Media
NPR Digital Media
NPR/ Kate Myers,

What rules?

My main points are fair comments.
Being an indie musician, I am opposed to revenue sharing. I’m very tough on NPR concerning sponsor ads for musicians on the same page as articles on those musicians. (Two Ombudsmen have agreed with me and looked into it)
I’m very tough on NPR never giving tough reviews of any books or music. These are points that NPR should address to make it better.

Tom, we hear your critiques. Every member of our music staff and ombudsman’s staff knows what your issues are, and the sponsorship ad is an issues that we agree with you on (though we have talked before about the technical challenges of such) and the review question is an editorial one in which there is disagreement between you and our editorial policy, and so you should continue to push the ombudsman about.

But when I reviewed your music comments since we moved to Disqus, they all seemed to be on those issues. Constantly posting those in our music section is off topic to the conversations at hand, and we made the decision to block you, to keep the conversation on point.

I would think it would be better to judge each comment separately and then see if that post follows the rules. Seems they are blocking a point of view, more than me breaking a rule. They seem very touchy on those main points! They should be. It suggests unfair music policies for independent artists outside their system.



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2 Responses to “NPR Bans Me from Music Discussions (new music talk, banned)”

  1. musea Says:

    Kate Myers on Ombudsman Post: Replying here – I replied to Tom. He has been blocked on music stories for repeated off topic posts.

    We accept critique, and every single member of the music staff & ombudsman’s staff are aware of his concerns, and since those make up the majority of his music posts, we made the decision to block him from those areas of the site.

  2. musea Says:

    NPR says to all my music posts. We are unable to post your comment because youhave been blocked by NPR Music. Find out more.

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