Time for some Music Rebellion on July Fourth

Music for the last few decades has been OK. It’s been professionally done and  auto tuned so  the notes are on pitch; but it has not been very exciting.  What we need on this July 4th is a little rebellion in the music in the country. Not more of a music chart with a downhill arrow.

Music needs something to challenge it or upset it, or get it excited again. We’ve had the bland for decades, what we need is something like Elvis or The Beatles. Something out of left field that really shakes things up.  My country, here’s a new music for you, for the future that challenges everything. It’s called WOW (post-bands) music. Finally a playlist that doesn’t  sound the same as the music we’ve had.


Here’s a list of the music sameness that we’ve been stuck with for decades.

Same band sound
same electric instrument line up
same guitar sound
same bass sound
same synthesizer sound
same drum sound
same over produced sound
lyrics hard to hear
lyrics don’t mean much
weak or no real intro
weak or no real outro
same auto tuned vocals
same background vocals
song badly written and forgettable
no part of the playing is exceptional or stands out.
no part of the vocals is exceptional or stands out
no part of the song she’s singing is exceptional or stands out.


For more about the new music



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