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Comment on a Discussion about How Life Began

July 31, 2013

Sure miracles can happen, but why not accept the obvious instead of a miracle. Would you bet on winning the lottery over the sun coming up tomorrow? Why not accept the steady energy from the sun over a billion years, instead of a fluke energized event on a changing earth? That by the way, is a scenario that says first life was in no way selected for, in that first environment – so that’s another fluke it has to overcome – popping up in an hostile environment that most likely would then destroy it.
Why not the obvious – Millions of years of chemical adaptation to the environment. Then instead of life being a miracle, it is the most stable reaction to the environment. Then instead of a creationists moment of chemical magic, you have a logical sound argument? Life is what I call double stability . That is, stability that keeps what works, and adjusts what needs work in that environment. That arose from adapting to a day night cycle. Every aspect of every living thing still shows that duality.

7-TH One CD Release Party – this Friday 7-9

July 31, 2013


Friday Aug. 2, from 7-9PM (Dallas, Texas time).





Come by, drop in, check out the music, and comment if you like. – Tom


Don’t forget the Wikipedia article on Tom Hendricks – that always has the links too.

Alphabet Guard (painting)

July 30, 2013

Alpha Guard

This Building Talks to Me (poem)

July 30, 2013

In the morning, when I’m
the first to get here
this building talks to me.

We converse on concrete
and wind causing shear
and if there’s a pipe that leaks.

I check for bruises
and screws that are loosest
or cracks that seem to be spreading

or noises that drop
out of some hidden nook
where there shouldn’t be any.

And it in return
in its stout stoic way
opens its doors for another day.

Good Musicians (poem)

July 29, 2013

good musicians
don’t play rock
instead they rebel
against what it’s become

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