Message to Hollywood Stars (suggestions box)

Hollywood stars are well paid. When people come up to the box office at the Inwood where I work, and complain about the high ticket prices, I reply, “Thank goodness all that money is going to me and none to the Hollywood Stars.”

Well it’s funny because it’s just the opposite. Major Hollywood Stars are very well paid.
That is one reason for the high movie ticket prices.

These same stars are often very generous too. How many times have you read about a major donation, sometimes a million dollars or more, donated by a star to a major cause. They deserve to be applauded for their generosity.

With that in mind, I’d like to ask the stars to add theater workers to their list of causes. Do they know that we often work for minimum wage, seldom get full time work and because we don’t work 40 hours, we are denied most worker benefits.

Stars I encourage you to support movie workers. Let our plight be your concern too. We are all in the movie business. Speak out. Your voice carries weight in this business. Then too you may consider reducing your salary – if and only if the difference supports the movie workers (not movie makers or theater owners who are doing just fine too.)

Stars don’t forget the people that work for you at the theaters that show your films. They deserve fair treatment too.


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One Response to “Message to Hollywood Stars (suggestions box)”

  1. musea Says:

    Reblogged this on Musea Zine and commented:

    There is a lot of news about fast food workers and thier protests. Don’t forget this also applies to film workers. When film companies talk about the millions they make every weekend, know that it does not trickle down to theater workers. Here’s a reblog of a June post on this.

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