My Musical Alphabet – complete


“A” is for Alice

“B” is for Ballad of Willie Nelson

“C” is for Cat’s Meow

“D” is for Downtown

“E” is for Everybody’s Looking for a Comet in the Sky (Dreamboat)

“F” is for Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey

“G” is for Goodbye

“H” is for Heartbreak Hotel

“I” is for I’m alive

“J” is for Juggernaut

“K” is for “Kernels of the Popcorn Patrol”

“L” is for “Let it Be Me”

“M” is for “Moon Dance”

“N” is for “Never Fall in Love Again”

“O” is for “Oldies’ (History of Rock and Roll)
“P” is for “Pegasus”

“Q” is for “Quiet”
“R” is for “Record Spinning”

“S” is for “Stories”

“T” is for “Too Shy”

“U” is for “Under My Thumb”

“V” is for Vacuous
“W” is for “When I Fall In Love”

“X” is for Xmas

“Y” is for Your Cheatin’ Heart

“Z” is for Zine World

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2 Responses to “My Musical Alphabet – complete”

  1. listen2uraunt Says:

    This amazing stuff. I am in awe, yet again. I will share this link on my Facebook. Thanks!

  2. listen2uraunt Says:

    I love your take on “Downtown.” Right now, I’m listening to “Moondance.” I just finished “Let it be Me.”

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