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Red (a fairy tale play) Final scene

March 29, 2013

Time to see how the play ends up. Have you been following the series? I hope you enjoyed it.

Scene 5
Setting: The Throne Room

Carpet Master: (enters)
Carpet Master to see the Queen.
We are all ready your majesty.
Which one is the one is the color we’ll use?

I’ve got it my good sir, down to these 2.

Carpet Master:
Which one then… will you choose?

She looked at one, then the other
close by the fire, then out a way further.
Held then by the throne, and her favorite shoes.
Held each to her cheek with its rosy hue.
Finally closed her eyes and shuffled the two
And randomly chose one…

…this one will do.

Carpet Master
Your Majesty, your style is full of grace,
And your palate is one of uncommon good taste.
Your new carpet, this exact color of red
Will be here in an hour …
… so the Carpet Master said.
He snapped his fingers and clapped his hands
And in came the carpet carried by 6 men!
And gently they lowered it to the floor

Carpet Master:
Now my minions, start to unroll!

And yard after yard of beautiful red
Began to unfold, began to spread.
And while all eyes watched the procession
The master in his pockets, made a slight substitution
And switched the Queen’s choice with regular red
Of the same size but not the same shade!

Carpet Master:
Now come my Queen, look at the match.

As he put on the carpet the regular red swatch.

Indeed my choice was right can’t you see?

And all the court wisely tended to agree

And you and your men deserve high praise
to spend all that time getting the right shade!

She gave him a kiss, one for each cheek.
And took from the king, a medal he didn’t need
And pinned it on the Master who smiled with a big grin.

And that’s for that. Well done…

… The END.
( he turns to the audience)
Clap… clap… – its’ the thing to do
Clap…, clap… – cause we are through.

( he turns to the players)
Now take a bow each one of you.
The King…, The Queen…, the Carpet Master…
and His Assistant too.

* * *


Salute to 30’s Crime Fighters – poem

March 28, 2013

Saluting the 30’s pulp crime fighters]

Doc Savage knows about The Shadow
as if it was his own.
And Cranston knows of the Man of Bronze
and his group of friends.

They cut up Gotham like a cake
into night and day.
Doc and his men took dawn to dusk
and the Shade kept the night at bay.

“L” is for Let It Be Me – My Musical Alphabet

March 28, 2013

“L” is for “Let it Be Me”

Towards the end of my box office concerts,  I like to do a BIG song. A Big song is a dramatic song that starts out very quietly and builds and builds and BUILDS.  This is one of my big songs. Enjoy (push on music category for more about the music revolution)


Suspicious (drawing)

March 27, 2013

Suspicious – copy of pencil drawing, enlarged.


That New House Costs …. WHAT??!?

March 27, 2013

I’ve always thought that that manufacturer who can build a modular one or two bedroom home that can virtually be droped from the sky anywhere – would become as big and successful as any major car manufacturer. Do what Ford did. Manufacture affordable homes that can be easily set up.

Through this period of excessive house building that led to the economic crisis we are all now in, I was saying, why are these houses so big and so expensive? [About the same time I was saying why are all these websites so rich!]  Both bubbles burst and we are still collectively paying for the housing/banking crisis.

But in the future, why not a small one or two bedroom, well designed, not cookie cutter, $30,000 cottage with basics. Then let the homeowner add on as he moves up. Washer/dryer, garage instead of carport, etc. There seem to be many architects that love to design the small house. Even modular housing could be made that is artistic and distinctive – why not support these architects and help people get homes again?

Remember the lesson of BABY CARRIAGES:
Time to remember what happened to baby carriages. They got bigger and bigger. Then one person invented one so small it could be carried in the car. That soon wiped out the competition. Smart builders could learn a lesson from baby carriages.

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