Red (a fairy tale play) Scene 4

Here is the latest episode of my play Red. The story so far – the Queen needs a new royal rug, but it’s got to be RED! Enjoy!


Scene 4
Setting: The Queens Chambers.

Carpet Master:
I have here my Lady, what you’ve request
A thousand swatches of one thousand reds.
It’ll take all night and a day or two,
but we’ll get the red that is your due.

Oh me! Oh my! There’s certainly a lot
Of shades of red in this box.
And you have 2 or 3 boxes to go?
(Workers are bringing in more big boxes)
We’ll you’ve done well, I want you to know..
Leave me a while and I’ll peruse.
And I’ll get back to thee by tomorrow noon. (Curtain closes)

But not just a night and a half a day
But thirteen full weeks she searched the shades
And pared it down to 100, then 5,
then down to 2 that were absolutely right.



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