NPR has become a key site for music on the net. This reblog asks again, is their coverage fair?

Musea Zine

Musea Reader – this week we look at how NPR is becoming THE leader of new music in this country.
You’re surprised aren’t you? This story is about how they have become a major player in many aspects of contemporary music, AND the possible conflicts of interest connected with how they choose the music they review and promote.
“The (NPR) Web site, officially in business only since late 2007, has become something of a tastemaking force in the fractured and fragmented music business. Through its blogs, news articles, lists, podcasts, videos and album and concert streams …, the site has attracted a steadily growing following, averaging about 1.6 million visitors a month. The site’s nine-member staff also feeds some of its audio features to NPR’s news shows… ” – Washington Post, Paul Farhi.
NPR, National Public Radio; PBS, Public Broadcasting System; NPR Music Stations across the country, The NPR Shop…

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