This post is a reblog of one of two main pages I have on the visual art revolution – see what I think the new art may look like. Overall more direct, honest, and less trendy.

Musea Zine

POSTMOD ART or NO-ISM : This page is all about the new art movement.

My goal is to get painting out of the Ivory Towers and back into the world.

Conceptual art ended MODERN ART. And for the last 40 years no one has known what to do with it!


Video 1. Snake Oil
The Snake Oil art piece both clamps down on one type of art while opening the door to another.

Video 2. Five Doors To The Art Revolution: Door #2 Art

Here’s why I think Modern art is neither modern nor art (or at least not very good art) anymore. 1. Cold  2. Disjointed  3. Can’t communicate it’s message  4. Weird  5. Elitist  6. Technically poor if there is technique at all  7. Pompous and inflated, often takes up a room   8. Non functional, not useful, not integrated into life 9. No breath or scope…

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