WRITINGS IN SCIENCE Part 1: Available on Website

WRITINGS IN SCIENCE Part 1, [History of the Future]  Musea Issue #187  Feb/Mar/April 2013  Now Available on the musea.us Website at

http://www.musea.us/spring2013.html   Here’s the intro:

The history of the future. Part 1. PART ROBOT, ALL HUMAN.

Dear Reader, ‘Writings in Science is a sci-fi novel in progress. The premise is this:
Millions of years from now the Earth is dying and in the rush to flee the planet, 1 man
collects his favorite ‘writings in science’ to preserve Earth’s legacy. For us the reader, he has assembled a ‘history of the future’. This issue, and the next, will preview and summarize some of those ‘Writings in Science.’ Note: These listings are summaries of larger articles and features in the finished novel. They are not necessarily in chronological order.
“Imagine, like I did, a time in the future/ close to the end of a dying sun/ when we are now preparing to leave/ this our home for other worlds./ What will we take when we leave? – signed “I”

Cover Illustration


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One Response to “WRITINGS IN SCIENCE Part 1: Available on Website”

  1. musea Says:

    This is a BIG one – part one of a two parter. A sci fi novel in progress, part one summary!!!
    Check it out, see the cover art, and see what you think. This may be the most elaborate sci-fi novel ever attempted – IF I can finish it.

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