Grammy Awards – an honest appraisal

While the music quality reaches new lows the big-media praise, rises ever higher.
Who can truly say that these Grammy Nominees are the best music in the country? Not me.

Here’s a more honest appraisal. Generally this corporate award winning music is: 1. bad songwriting, 2. weak voices 3. lyrics that can’t be understood, 4.drums, base, guitars, and keyboards that stand out in no way. 5. No interesting background vocals. 6. Waaaaay over produced. 7. Lack of any real communication of emotion or idea. Want more? Yikes – time for new music that opposes this stuff..

8. Bad album covers 9. Musicians trying to fit in, not stand out. 10. no song structure.
11 Formulaic music: either Divas/Boy Bands/ or Trendy but Fake Alt. 12. No good intros or outros. 13. No good instrumental breaks. 14. Druggy, depressing, sluggish, and not fun.
15 Repetitious, 16 Voices are so studio fixed that they sound alike. 17. Boring. 18. Whiney.19 Forgettable.

WOW music shakes up all this.  Listen to the new music and see what will challenge all this corporate award music. – Tom Hendricks (Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar)


Looking through the list of nominees …. Can’t find one ounce of rebellion!
Well that’s what rock was always about, corporate music, that stays the same for 60 years, and turns into mostly divas, doing generic pop-dance music with temper tantrums. That’s what rock was always about right…… right?

What else you won’t find is one musician that opposes all this. That’s what makes the ‘grannies’ irrelevant in all the main categories (though deserving musicians sometimes get the tech and lesser category prizes).

Here’s what you won’t hear: Postmod Music- its 3 things, a revolution against what rock/rap/country/pop have become, its back to early rock and roll’s simple honesty, directness, and passion with an emphasis on melody and great SONGS, and it’s a music that includes all types of music from every place in the world.
(and It’s part of the overall art and media revolution).
if you won’t talk about the backlash against all this, we need someone open enough to cover all the music news.”


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3 Responses to “Grammy Awards – an honest appraisal”

  1. musea Says:

    NPR has become a leader in music coverage but: When NPR praises all music, then it stops being journalism and starts being advertising.
    People and US magazine are tougher with their music reviews.

  2. musea Says:

    Here’s a list of simple music that better illustrates the new music.
    FIRST WORLD TOP 40 LIST! BEST MUSIC LIST in the WORLD!!! (And hardest to get on!) Never before – or probably never again in history, will anyone hear such great new music all at once.The internet is the world’s first worldwide JUKEBOX. And this is the first music in that jukebox. The first OUTSIDE THE BOX set. Week after week Musea, my 17 year old Dallas art and media zine scours myspace and youtube for the very best in music from every corner of the world for the world’s first list of new great music. Culled from thousands, here are the world’s best. (Anyone can send me your music. That includes any kind of music!) Not a CD of a single person, but a new musical paradigm – a music LIST of the world’s best. Musea’s Worldwide Favorite Music LIST (200+ now) “100 Plus Favorite Music from Youtube and Myspace”
    In a world of misses, here are 200+ hits! This is music with the trendy taken out! NOTE: this list is NOT approved by any corporation! That’s why no media will report on it. From Dallas home of the art and media revolution including Post-Bands music, the quiet music, that’s making a loud roar. Those who don’t talk about what’s happening in Dallas don’t know what’s happening in music.
    the music so simple no one understands it, so radical no media dare talk about it, so fun everyone dances to it.

  3. musea Says:

    Reblogged this on Musea Zine and commented:

    Time for the Grammy Awards. But nothing has changed for the better.

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