Margaret’s Story (short short story)

Margaret’s Story:
When my two brothers, my father, and I sat down for our big Sunday dinner, my father was still lecturing my older brother. I lifted my younger brother Mike onto his booster chair and pushed him up to the table. Mom brought in some hot dishes and went back into the kitchen.

One plate that was already on the table was a bowl of appetizers: celery, carrots, and other raw vegetables. I took a stalk of celery for myself, and handed another to the baby. My older brother took a carrot. We started munching as Dad continued:

“The Chinese have myths and ideas that are totally different from ours. For instance, instead of seeing a man in the moon, they see a rabbit…”
“Where’s the rab’… Where’s the moon? I forgot,” interrupted little Mike.
My older brother, annoyed, said, “Look out there, through the window, the white ball in the sky. See it?’

They all looked towards the moon, my brother pointing at it with his CARROT and trying to make little Mike understand.

I began to giggle. They all looked at ME!

Momma said, “Hush,” and sat down.


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