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The Diane Rehm Show Today and my comment

February 28, 2013

The Diane Rehm Radio Show (NPR) read my comment on their show on the Pope and the Catholic Church this morning. I took the media coverage to task for its limited coverage of not only this religion but all religions.  There was no real substance in the responses to my comment.

Media coverage, including this show, seems stuck on scandal and celebrity news. This and every religion is more than the child abuse scandal and treating the pope as a celebrity. Where is the media coverage of the millions of Catholics? How about covering everything else the church does and not limiting it to scandal and celebrity coverage?

Drop (original poem)

February 27, 2013

Reader – you are in the middle of the action on this story poem titled “Drop:  … what do you think is happening?


Drop down from the window.
Land softly, quietly
Now go quickly …

For Sci-Fi readers out there

February 27, 2013

The latest Musea issue is about a sci-fi novel in progress called Writings In Science – the idea is that far in the future the earth is coming to an end and the people then have to gather up all that is important – a person named “I” gathers writings in science.  Here is a part of the issue – see it all at

1. Pentalium – a wiki history site that starts with 5,000 years of human history.
2. Bone Detector invented. Sets off when passes over earth with bones underground. Archaeological discoveries mushroom 100 fold.
3. The earliest human art is found in the Nullarbor Cave system in SW Australia. The art includes native animals, birds, people, and a map of the sky with the moon and sun.
4. LIfe is found to begin as the most stable chemical reaction to the UV force from the sun. The resultant chemical system adapts to both day with the sun, and night without.
5. People shift from human solutions to the billion year old solutions found in nature. The earth shifts to a more natural biome, that better fits humans and the planet.
6. Dolphin Lit: dolphins have an oral history of the sea that for the first time, is translated to humans. We see their take on history that is longer than ours.
7. Telescopes see light from so far away that we see the first stars ignite. Further discoveries take it back all the way – and scientists ‘see’ the first radiation from the initial big bang.
8. Life is found in all the corners – bacteria colonies are found in the low atmosphere of the sky, miles under the ground, and under the sea. Lake Vostok, iced over lake in Antarctica, is found to have an entire sea biome that has been separated from the planet for a hundred thousand years.
9. Countries, instead of just safeguarding monuments, rebuild their ruins. The Parthenon and the Pyramids look brand new. Also all of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient world are rebuilt, and kept in perfect condition from now on.
10. Ancient Zoos are set up. They “build” their animals, birds, etc. from ancient DNA. All major biomes from our past are recreated. The weird Precambrian animals are favorites. The smaller dinosaurs are next in popularity. Girls love the little horses!
11. Many occult sciences are found to have a lot of validity – specially astrology, numerology, and palmistry. Overall there is found a synchronicity among all things.

“B” is for Ballad of Willie Nelson ( H and PDG musical alphabet)

February 27, 2013

B is for Ballad Of Willie Nelson

What MOBY said (a look at music)

February 26, 2013

Moby in reacting to some corporate rock said,

“It’s fun, but I don’t think of it as music. It’s manufactured. I appreciate it as a pop culture phenomenon and some of the songs I like if I hear them in a shopping mall or something, but it doesn’t function as music for me. Music is something that communicates emotion and integrity in a really interesting, direct way, and when I listen to the pop music you’re describing, it’s hyper-produced corporate product. That isn’t really even a criticism, but I just think calling it music is a misnomer.”

Moby is right – but he’s not better.

It’s very hard to hear independent music outside the “Big Four’s” manufactured music (the ‘Big Four’ companies own about 80% of the business and tend toward generic rock/rap/country/pop. They are EMI, Sony-BMG, Universal, and Warners)

The art/writing/music revolution is doing that –  WOW music and Dallas musicians are opposing all bands and groups.

If it’s another group or pop singer, then I know what it’s going to sound like.  If it is a musician opposed to what rock has become – then I want to hear what they are up to – don’t you?

WOW Music – its 3 things, a revolution against what rock/rap/country/pop have become, its back to early rock and roll’s simple honesty, directness, and passion with an emphasis on melody and great SONGS, and it’s a music that includes all types of music from every place in the world.

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