Media Pledge

This has been sent to every major national and local media source. They have all refused to sign it.

MEDIA Pledge
“As a member of the media, we pledge that we will strive for reporting that takes into account basic human decency. We will, whenever possible, not show pictures and/or footage of wounded and bleeding people, pictures and/or footage of people being murdered, or killed in accidents, pictures and/or footage of the corpses of people at the scene of violence or accident, pictures and/or footage of men, women or children crying due to the injury or death of others. Signed ___________________ ”

Who exactly are the people that can’t feel anything unless they see the gore? Remember too that this pledge reduces the gore, not removes it in every case. It in no way interferes with what is reported or what a journalist can report. It does reduce the ‘if it bleeds it leads’ type journalism.

The explicit reporting now with it’s excesses, often leads to emotional responses to crisis instead of reasonable responses that would better serve our country and bring clearer justice.  These emotional responses lead to excess responses that often do more harm than good.



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