Dictionary of Small Ideas

Musea, my arts and media zine, did an issue that was a dictionary of small ideas – a short dictionary of many creative ideas.

For Example, this is letter “M”. For the complete dictionary see:


—- M ———-

MASS MARKETING OF PAINTINGS Sell, display, and send on tour, exact replicas of paintings – the last major art form to be mass marketed.
MODULAR COTTAGE $30,000 tract houses with charm and style. Houses have become too expensive. We need new affordable housing.
MONEY QUOTE “Money is most important in societies that don’t share.”
MOON A film script idea that celebrates all aspects of the Moon – a collage of everything related to the moon – science, art, myth, and more.
MUSEA’S GUIDE TO THE BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME (3 vol.) – a year by year look at the best films, directors, and actors, – both classic and ‘classic fun’ – in all genres, including foreign films; from cinema’s beginning in 1894 to 2000
MUSEA READING FUND Fund at Paperbacks Plus Books that allows free credit for anyone to buy books, recordings, etc. of classical works. Check it out!
MUSEA CLOUD Website that for one annual fee allows anyone to access all Musea music, books, art, film, news etc. (and later other artists work too). This does away with price per book, recording, film, or newspaper; and allows a flat fee for all content. Also it is ad free. Each time a book, song, etc is clicked on, that artist receives a ‘royalty’ or part of the profits. It’s much like an all arts net jukebox that only requires a one time fee.
MUSEAD. A vast, block long art center for all the arts: in the shape of an Ocean Liner – a Disneyland for the arts. (see also Plan B)
MUSE MURALS Two wall sized portraits of the 9 mythical Muses.


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