The Internet is Breaking Down Walls + Two Concerns to keep it that way

Why was the best music on the radio then but not now? Because the radio was owned by hundreds of corporations, instead of a handful. The consolidation of art and media into so few hands over the last couple of decades, has ruined not only music but most all the arts and media. So we get a sort of bland generic art that is highly praised by the media outlets owned by the same corporations making the art!
What the internet is doing is breaking down this monopoly. Instead of the Big 6 – six corporations that own most of the arts and media – we have thousands and thousands competing again on the net.
This should and will lead to both an arts and media revolution and a golden age in art, music, film, theater, dance, writing, and the media reporting on it.
We are living in very great times!

Five doors to the art revolution – short video series

But to insure it continues to instigate great arts and media, we should do two things.
1. Make sure that the Internet is not owned by corporations.
2. Make sure that access to the Internet is free to all, like mail.

Finally I need to add a warning:
For years I warned that a handful of media conglomerates owned too much (the chart link below shows that 6 companies, the Big 6 own 13,000 newspapers, magazines, radio stations, tv stations, and publishing companies); but the response was always “the net is open, and I spend most of my time there.” Well they never thought that those few corporations could control the net too. Still don’t think so? We have to be diligent to keep the internet free to all.


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