Truck Art Museums

This from the Musea Vaults:  TRUCK MUSEUMS

The idea is simple enough – takte the paintings to the people, instead of the people traveling to the musty museums. But these are not the original paintings. These are exact copies on canvas – same size, color, brushstrokes, etc..  That can be done now. The reproduction technology is THAT GOOD. Here’s the test to prove it. Put up the original and 4 exact size copies in the same frame. If viewers can’t pick out the original – the paintings are ready for the road. The originals are kept safe while the copies hit the road.

The truck stops at any empty hall. Then it unloads metal rectangular frames – sort of like coat racks – with either a curtain or light board attached as a background, and supports at the bottom to keep them from tipping over. The paintings themselves are securely hung from brackets connected to the bars at the top. The sections can either stand alone, be connected into a long row, or connected at right angles, or any combination that best fits the room.

Each section is easy to both install and put away. To pack up the exhibit all you would have to do is take off the base supports, and load the wall sections – paintings and all , as is, side by side, onto a truck. And because these are COPIES, no need for big insurance hassles, or extreme security that you would have to have if the originals were on view.

That way an entire museum worth of paintings can be housed in 1 or 2 trucks and can travel to any small community. The drivers could set up the entire exhibit in minutes in a union hall, school auditorium, civic center, just about anywhere there is a large open room. And then, with it all set up, they and/or someone from that community could stand at the door and collect  $5 dollars or so from every visitor to the exhibit.

It’s a good way to bring great painting to everyone.

Just imagine you’re in East Texas, say in Tyler or Longview, Texas and you get to see 600 paintings and drawings of Van Gogh this month, 200 Rembrandt portraits next month, and 500 Impressionists paintings from Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, and Sisley on the month after!  Next month – 200 each of Matisse and Picasso’s works in a joint show.

Art is the last of the arts to be mass produced (we already have mass produced film – videos; writings – books, paperbacks, audio books; and music – recordings . Arts are next. They need to be liberated from Ivory towers, and brought back into the big world full of millions of people waiting for them.


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