Some Poems Written in October

Poems written in October 2012
Comments welcome. Sort of a theme in these 3.
[poem notes in brackets like this]


1. (Based on a Nick Virgilio Haiku)

Late in the evening
the church is empty
except for a firefly
a little night light.


“How heavy my wings are
when they’re weighed down with tears!”
said the Angel,
by the sea.

3. (for my Blue Mountain Collection of Poems)

X: I want to go
to sacred places.
Y: But where on Earth
has spirit abandoned?

Help get millionaires off welfare!

There’s a big world outside our world.

Time to either dump rock and roll or go back to it’s roots and play it right!

Everything takes longer but goes faster!

Pandora’s Pop-Up Book.

Say no to bands and force musicians to be creative again!

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 19 year old zine Musea)
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