Funding Sesame Street – A Comment

Though I support funding for NPR/ PBS etc. there is this that you should know. As the editor of the 20 year old zine Musea, the founder of a Zine Hall of Fame, and a reviewer for Zine World since it’s beginning, I have to say this on behalf of all zinesters:

PBS and NPR have certainly never supported zines or the zine community. That’s the bulk of publishing, and the last golden age of publishing before the net took over. How can PBS and NPR miss an entire generation of thousands of publishers and call that fair?

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One Response to “Funding Sesame Street – A Comment”

  1. musea Says:

    This is all bluster from both sides. When any politician gets his book advance deal (money from publishers to influence the politician writer?) where do they get reviewed? NPR. It has yet to turn down any corporate book (and has never covered the thousands and thousands of zines – the last golden age of literature in the world). Let NPR/PBS talk about their own revenue sharing deals, or book price fixing, or…. well anything real – then maybe there would be some danger for NPR or PBS loosing funding.

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