Lyrics are Important – Part two:

Lyrics count. They add a lot to a song. Here are 3 of my originals in part two of our posts on lyrics.

The first song is a surreal puzzle, the second is an autobiographical song about a simple life, the third is a peace song. For the music go to or click here

Hunkasaurus Song LIst


(koan? blues)
2 times I cross the muddy river
1 time I waded (waited?) home (repeat)
2 times I climb the high high hill
1 time I came back down. (repeat 1st line)

What’s the meaning of these chords?
Is it just a koan or the theater
The theater of the absurd.

2 times I cross the wide wide ocean
1 time I sail back home.
2 times I climb the highest mountain
1 time I climb back down.

2 times I cross the wide wide universe
1 time I came back around.
2 times I climbed out of the universe
l time I climbed back down.

I’m Alive

(folk song)
I walk, love to walk
Around twilight, round the block
But I’m alive, I’m alive with hope.

I live in a room,
‘Bout the size of the hut
On Walden Pond,
But I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive with hope.

Say what you will but
I’m all right, I’m all right, I’m all right with hope.

Simple life, work hard
End of the day, I’m tired.
But I’m alive, alive with hope.

Peace Sign

(protest song)
There’s a cloud of memories
Blowing by the wind here to you and me

All these songs come back again
About the passion and the fire we had
For doing the right thing.

We’d gather hands in a circle and run round & round &…
Until we’d loose our balance or breath and fall down….

Talking about peace and accepting all men…
Talking about the right of all of us to b happy again.

Coming in loud, and coming in clear.
Cat Stevens is singing that the Peace Train’s arriving
here (All aboard!)

Beatle John says “Give Peace A Chance”,
Instant Karma’s gonna knock you off your feet
in a cosmic dance.

And the rhetoric and soul and message goes on and on…
1 part truth, 1 part wish, 1 part gall all in song….

Now it’s time to give peace and ear
And bring back the best of what we had to say back
there (like the Youngbloods who kept on singing):

‘C’mon people now, smile on your brother
Ever’ybody get together, try to love on another
Right nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!’


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