One Thousand Reviews (from the Musea Vaults)


More 10th Anniversary Celebration!
1,000 Reviews on Everything!

The Sequel – this time its personal!

We’re surfing through all the arts at 90 reviews a minute. Floor it – editor Art!

Key: if there is one or more “+” appear after the review, then Musea likes it. If one or more “x” appear after the review, Musea doesn’t.

Villians cackling x.

Jerry Springer’s “Final Thoughts” +.

Any school that kills the DESIRE to learn, gets an automatic ‘F” xxx.

Paint by number kits – so outrageous they’re in +.

Synthesizers can make millions of sounds. So why do keyboard players use only 2 or 3? x.

Neighborhood centers where residents can meet, watch TV, play games or pool, read, etc. A community place that is not controlled by the government or corporate sponsors ++.

Joe Bob Briggs review of Musea +.

Free parking downtown +.

Local radio’s boycott of local music xx.

Musea’s guide to the net for first time surfers (#81) +.

Valley House Gallery – best looking Dallas art gallery +.

500 X art gallery – best in-town funky art space +.

PBS series Frontline – investigative journalism with scope and depth +.

Actors that take 10 minutes to say a line of dialogue (and whisper them all) x.

“No advertising, No gov. grants, No sponsors!” ++.

KJV of the Bible – pure poetry +.

People reading credits in Chinese at the end of Chinese foreign films ???.

US lit originals: Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Henry James, Herman Melville, Washington Irving ++.

If brown bagging – well designed lunchboxes a must +.

Dancing, not just for gays and Broadway plays – bring it back for all +.

Neighborhood buses that circle the neighborhood +.

Free bus rides till pollution ‘s under control +.

You’re one in a million? There are 1,000 just like you says Malthus xx.

The shift from liberal versus conservative, to the new conflict – big business versus democracy x.

No-stop train travel among these 3 Texas areas : D/FW to Austin/San Antonio to Houston ++.

Tree sitters and huggers + A law that nothing 100 years or older can be cut down or destroyed +.

Replace kitchen cabinets with larders or kitchen portable storage carts – one for breakfast, one for dinner, one for baking, etc. +.

The reduction of noise pollution in our cities +.

City dumps using bio agents to recycle trash +.

Town Hall meetings don’t work because only a few will speak freely in a group xx.

NPR “all things considered? Hardly x.

20 year old PBS politics show, McLaughlin Group – best battling pundits +.

TV’s portrayal of artists as flakes, effete, impractical, uppity, etc x. Most are dedicated and hardworking craftsman ++.

Prizes to solve city, state or national problems like Napoleon offered ++.

Painting reproduction tech is so good canvases can be mass marketed. Then send the copies on tour ++.

Dallas, center of the art world – “This town lies in the future” +++.

An Olympics for the arts ++++.

“What happens when empty bursts?” and other sayings from editor Art (#59) +.

Fight endless ads in a row, boycott the 4th consecutive one. Then advertisers will limit them to 3 in a row +.

Tex-Mex cuisine – its reason enough to live in Dallas ++.

Chili cookoffs +. Ecotourism – travel fun and stewardship +.

Siskel and Roper movie review show should not review Disney films who’s parent company distributes their TV show. A real conflict of interest x.

Interenet newsgroups, e-mail, and chat – 3 success stories +++.

Website worthies: The Onion, newspaper parody; E-bay, auction to the world; Google, search engine and newsgroups; NASA, space science; PBS – alt TV: IMDb, movie database; Musea, art revolution ++.

Newspaper editorials – almost always slightly right of center to appease advertisers xx.

TV commercials with pumped up volume x.

Where are today’s character actors, or parts for them x. Mad TV some great characters, Miss Swan, Stewart, etc. +

SNL Will Ferrel and news segment great – otherwise slipping +/x.

In Hollywood films, beautiful women are never recognized as being beautiful – amazing unreality x.

Roller skating, still the most graceful way to walk +.

Sailor hats, knit caps, baseball caps – cool head gear +.

The bigger the city the faster pedestrians walk ??. – fighting ads in print and on the web +.

Everyone does NOT love Raymond x.

Thai tea +.

Love Field Antique Mall and Unlimited Limited – two best antique malls +.

PBS show, This Old House – best of the house building/repair shows +.

PBS interviewer, Charlie Rose is slipping. He fawns too much over Hollywood and big business leaders x. Better is the local McCuistion show +.

Escovar, king of cheesy 50’s music – very quirky MOR +.

Best of the DMN writers: Bryan Wooley, 1st rate feature writing, AC Greene, Texas history writer, Phillip Wunch, expert on classic Hollywood ++.

Best Sunday comic artists, Prince Valliant, and Bizarro +.

Ads on kids Sun. Comics – scummy xx.

The Musea boardgame, Players #113 +.

Some people look like ‘Monet’s close up – too close and not too good – I’m a Picasso x.

George Seurat is known for pointilism (dot party) but he’s equally good at his no line, charcoal b/w drawings +.

Presidential libraries – stop them before every acre of the country is covered by them x.

Sunday paper, TV guide – where’s the staple, cheapskates? x.

Autographs: because I look like David Byrne (though a better musician) fellow staff at the theater, got his autograph for me when he visited +.

My fav autograph is from Penny and Koko, the sign talking gorilla – priceless +++.

Musea super-staffers: Donna Turman, webmaster and Scott Crow, news, comment, and advice +++.

Cendrillon, the true story of Cinderella #110-111 +.

I Love Lucy and ,i>The Honeymooners – best sitcoms from 50’s +.

Rock has lost its roll x.

Gulliver, one of the best boys serial book characters – from Tom Quest +.

Eloise, the kids classic was written by Kay Thompson, dancer, singer, pianist, composer etc. (illus. Hilary Knight). Unlike most famous personalities that try to do kids books, she did a good job +.

France, for its love and stewardship of art in all its forms ++.

Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair Stephen Foster classic +.

Hardback AND paperback version released at the same time. Films AND video version released at the same time – customers deserve the variety of formats ++.

Two philsophers worth a 2nd look, Epictetus – brilliant stoic writing unknown to almost all, George Berkley – if his dialogues fall in a forest … +.

Senior discounts – No, they have all the money x.

Stock market – gambling with a dress code x.

Picasso’s different periods: early period, experimental +, Paris and portraits ++, Blue period, cold x/+, Rose period ++, cubism with George ++, afterwards, hit and miss x/++.

Parking spots and theater seats – too small x,

SUVs and fat people – too large x, where’s Goldilocks when you need that philosopher x.

Film festival idea (or book catalogue) all the films of SNL alumni ++.

Best kids book sequel by another writer = Oz books by Ruth Plumly Thompson +.

99% rule – 99% of pop. gets punished for the behavior of 1% – ex. Speed bumps or theft detering devices attached to store clothes xx.

Why can’t we have at least 1 concert, event, show, or game without corporate sponsors xx.

Clocks and watches with Roman numbers x, with the much more cool, scientific, and artistic Arabic numbers +.

Dallas City Hall – ugly foreboding building with colossal waste of space in front of it x.

Southwest Arts Magazine where all featured artists have bought large ads – something smells here x.

Drug ads that sell to you instead of your Dr. x.

The miraculous curing qualities of sugar pill – see Musea short story “Lemy Lime”+.

Magazine covers – junky like bad websites or over logo’d TV screens x.

Observer – Dallas weekly feature stories are on poor minorities but ads aim at rich yuppies x.

Drew Carey – Dilbert without the charisma x.

Maverick cops that play by their own rules may be great for formula movies, but there’s no place in civil society for them x

Doing cover versions of others songs. They have a track record of people liking them +.

Musea’s Zine Hall Of Fame, a yearly celebration of the best of zines – the new ‘pulp lit’ +++.

Have a Moon-day each year to celebrate the Moon – full moon in July ? Homage to our moon is long overdue. +.

The Frazier episode where he composes a theme song +.

Timeline museum of the history of life – a walking tour of 3.7 (?) billion years +.

Chain bookstores selling sections to publishers to stock xx.

Saying – “money is more important in societies that don’t share” ++.

Icky Twerp and Mr Peppermint – 2 great local TV kids show hosts +.

Radio stations that boycott foreign language or religious music – almost all of them do x.

DMN headline puns – make 3rd graders gag x.

Desktop publishing led to the zine and mail art explosion +++.

When mega corporations have the economic clout of small countries and the worker population to match – should it be a democracy + or stay a dictatorship x.

Writing companies and asking for form letters for your collection +. Dropping those magazine renewal postcards into the mail to waste their postage +.

Calgary Stampede – world’s largest rodeo +.

NAACP seems to have turned its back on Africa and its AIDS, civil war, starvation, corrupt governments, etc x.

Filming of TV concerts or music performances has become standardized and dull x – needs a shakeup +.

Saying Norman Rockwell was only an illustrator and not a painter is snobby – he was both and had a good sense of humor and did some fine story telling paintings +.

Quote “I find it interesting that through a sense of total involvement and immersion in the world, aboriginal people have a sense of wonder and awe and kinship with the rest of life that some of the leading ecologists and other scientists are only now beginning to see.” David Suzuki +.

Toy tie-ins to kids show – scummy money grabbing x.

Labor Day Telethon – marathon vaudeville for a good cause +.

Antique beaded clutch purses, better than backpacks, and fanny packs – lose the weight +.

Walking – best all around exercise ever +++.

“Always rehearse with your props” – good advice from Lucille Ball +,

Colored pencils – nice alt. to paint and chalk +.

Winter rapper coats and Seattle flannel in Texas heat x.

Old Esquire Theater painter’s palette neon sign +.

Wearing sunglasses in the dark x.

Oversized gaudy expensive watches x.

Over priced beauty aids – what a rip off x.

Acting close to your age – stylish +.

Red or Yellow macs +.

The destruction of the Afghan Buddha statues x.

Camping – the Eagle scout in me says ++ but make sure you leave the campsite better than when you got there +.

Berlin – the town is re building and buzzing +. Bagatelles – piano pieces that have this simple form – major section, minor section, major section again +.

Pippi Longstocking book or film versions +.

Best review heard by Hunk and PD playing concerts in the Inwood Box Office (Hunk under glass tour) “Oh I thought you were a radio”+.

Giving music tours a name x.

Cathedral of Chartres – perhaps the most beautiful object of art in the world +.

IRS they investigate me 4 times (and refund 3) but big corps go free x.

Music that is not just melodic mushy sentiment and that is not just drum beat with psychotic lyrics – but melody and rhythm ++.

Oscars, Emmys, Grammys – studio awards are slanted and unfair x.

Musea giving itself a billion meaningless awards hourly to make sure we’re the most ‘award winning’ – priceless +.

The NEA is a mess xx. Dump the individual and group grants and instead set up art centers that all art groups can use to display, perform, etc ++.

Yves St. Laurent, the French designer is the master of fashion +.

Musea logos A.A.C.A – Artists Against Corporate Art, and ANS – Alternate News Source are popping up in the best of places +. Like on AACA T-shirts – a rare collectible +.

Mini-discs have all the same quality as CD’s in a pint size, plus you can record on them +.

Hershey’s and Mars and Russel Stover’s – ummmm +.

Esquire, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone, not as hip as they think they are x.

Parade magazine (Sun. Paper supplement) is up with everything – too much Hollywood, but good cartoons x/+.

Disney radio – tyke torture x.

40 minutes of ad-free music in a row can mean 20 minutes of ads in a row. Stop radio insanity x.

Whitman Novels with their glossy covers, and other series books for kids (Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Nancy Drew, etc) +.

Onion headline “Children of Divorce twice as likely to write bad poetry” +.

Hank Ketcham’s (Dennis the Menace cartoonist) series of paintings saluting best cartoonists, artists, etc. +.

Texas, an Indian word meaning “Better than where you came from ” +.

Gardeners and Gardening – always the earthiest +++.

Fur as clothes for indigenous people+ but for the rest of us x.

Home cooking always recommended, the slow food movement is ‘smokin’ +.

Bikes, rickshaws, wagons, carriages, and other human powered vehicles +.

Hey punk kid, want to scare your parents really, really bad? Wear white belt and white shoes +.

Wine and beer – always moderately healthy +.

World party day in June +.

Ghost World – the movie and the comic +.

Andy Warhol deserves more than his 15 minutes of fame +.

Dallas Doors concert in 70’s – surprisingly subdued x.

Dallas clubs to remember: Mother Blues, dangerously exciting with Freddy King on the bandstand +,

Strickly Taboo, fine Italian in a double decked, long and narrow jazz club +.

Hawaii – islands have the most species and Hawaii hit the jackpot. Protect this mega species diversity +.

Novel idea – Basho meets Sappho, they fall in love and write short terse intense poetry together +

.”In the 50’s everyone was a redneck” – Art S Rev. +.

Overpaid, underfed models in 3rd world fashion photo shoots among the poorest of poor. At least you can walk away xx.

Target TV – if you are under 18 or over 54, TV is not for you anymore – you don’t buy enough to count xx.

Tiny print like this is printed in xxxx.

Berry Gordy’s Motown, Muscle Shoals, and all the fantastic soul music of the 60’s ++.

Musea’s art contests +. Musea’s Art Surfin column +.

Sultry she singers: Sade, Astrid Gilberto, Diana Krall +.

Paul Newman’s groceries – his brand named products have raised over 100 million for 2,000 charities +++.

Mahler for the big symphony experience – try Symphony #5 D# minor +.

US not in debt but with a savings account. Deposit 100 million each year and the rule is – can’t touch for 20 ++.

Musea plays and illustrated short stories (rock operas) ++.

Phillip Morris spending 1 mill to buy an ad that showed off their $125,000 donation xx.

Jazzy greats – Take Five, Dave Brubeck +, These are a few of My Favorite Things John Coltrane +, piano players: Thelonius Monk, Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, Oscar Peterson ++.

Film reviews that ruin the plot x.

The bubble – inflated biz pops and inflated economy drops x.

Musea idea of revolving front doors as people powered generators – no cleaner fuel +++.

Ski Queen – Norge goat cheese +.

Thomas Andrew Hendricks, was vice pres. under Cleveland, my relative ???

Annual arch prize for best building built in a city + tax free for 5 years +.

N. Dallas red brick land – clone housing mix of worst of Victorian and modern – is ugly when new x.

$5.95 price of Sands Casino ticket to see the Rat Pack, Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop – now that’s value ++.

Any resume that adds this skill “can shred 100 pages per minute’ +.

Media words that subtly imply he’s a bad guy. Ex. lives in a ‘compound”? – then he’s a real ‘comrad’ x.

No matter how many times they say it, “Critics do NOT agree” xx.

Simpsons episode where Homer does conceptual art +.

Austin City Limits -longest running music show is also the dullest – dullest crowd, stage set up, etc. – needs overhaul xx.

Local art reviewers Janet Kutner (DMN) and Christine Biederman (Observer) excepting shallow art as the norm taints their analysis with the same shallowness – where’s depth in art, or art criticism. What a disservice to good artists that have bucked the trendiness xx.

Using spining wheels on cars and trains for generating electrical power +.

3 vehicles with flawless designs: bike – 1941 Columbia Superb (like movie Pee Wee rode); motorscooter, Vespa (see Roman Holiday); car 1946 Cisitalia 202 GT ++.

WRR the city-owned radio station is a welcomed addition to the dial ++ but play local composers too x,

Replacing Styrofoam with potato based packaging +.

Media who won’t ask, and “Big Five’ musicians who won’t answer this question, “How do you feel that your record company has to pay to get your record played on mainstream radio? xx.

Musea’s Art Guides: best movies; best novels, short stories, poets, playwrights; best painters, children’s illustrators, best TV sitcoms; etc ++.

Musea’s Reading Fund – free credit to buy classic books, recordings, etc – over $1,000 open to all ++.

Resolving governments inability to excrete out . Now bureaucracy builds like a balloon with 1 entrance – more rules, laws, papers to fill out, codes to follow; and no exit xx.

Soul singers Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Al Green, James Brown ++.

Movies rated on opening weekend box office instead of quality xx.

27 MP3sof Hunk on our website – all ‘no format’ music +.

PBS’s Ken Burns’ style of personalized history +.

Army -Navy stores for some cool clothes though they are no longer the bargain they used to be +/x.

Two net notable personalities, Matt Drudge, drudging up political gossip and leads, and Harry Knowles, indy movie critic at

Nobel Prizes – celebrating world greats +++.

SciFi quote, “One might say that in the same way as E.E. Smith opened up the universe, (Olaf) Stapledon opened up time” S. Lundwall – one for each author + +.

Yoko Ono, singing poor x, but some of her haiku like writings and conceptual art is quite good +.

The Winged Horse poetry survey and anthology by Aushach and Hall +.

The old KLIF building in Dallas + and the old radio station by the same name +.

Verizon using the peace symbol to sell electronics – slimy move to irritate hippie consumers x.

Majestic Theater, beautiful downtown theater is under used – should be an art center for all x.

July 20,1714, Peru bridge breaks killing these 5 – but why them? Bridge of San Luis Rey: – Wilder +.

Two great long rock and roll classics: Don McLean’s American Pie, Richard Harris’s version of Jimmy Webb’s song, McArthur Park +.

Flavored waters – not quite juice, wine, or tea, but better than plain water +.

“Nobody pouts when you go into a jiggy!” – quote from Simpsons +.

Musea Christmas Reading issues +.

1,200 Musea original songs in every format open to any who will record them +++.

Designer house paints – puleeze xx.

No format radio – the formats are to help advertisers target audiences, not because any listener wants them xx.

Bugs Henderson, Uniques, – two well known Tyler acts when I was growing up in the 60’s +.

FI-L-M technique of running a film distribution company. See a film and then decide one of these 3: FI – fix what’s wrong with it and then distribute it, L – leave it alone, loose it . It’s too much a mess, M – make it as is ++.

“Vio-geek’ behavior -. Most violent people waver between ultra violence, and geeky shyness – psychotic behavior is never cool xx.

The right to communicate to others on the Net with reasonable privacy +.

Kids need time to get bored – allows for creativity +.

Musea website illustrations +.

Phillip Glass – his repetitive music sets a bad example for lesser talents x.

Poetry notebooks – copy your favorite poems or lit passages in a notebook – idea from Charlotte Mason who says, “Poetry is not just a school subject. It is the deepest expression of thought and feeling of which certain exceptional minds have been capable. It includes the full gamut of all human experiences…” +.

Hendricks Health Theory – Darwin part two – see our website ++.

Postcards in trade for Museas from Michael Scherba, Kazakhstan +.

Van Gogh’s letters to brother Theo +.

A decent jazz station +.

Pralines +.

Science courses for non scientists without the math, formulas and other exercises that only professionals need +.

The end of modern art de’creed’ – Tuesday 1/8/02 at 1:30 – 1:40 PM, by TMH “Then it dawned on me. I would bring modern art to its end. I would suggest the ultimate. The ultimate in baffling minimalism… I would imagine a gallery in my mind that would have no lights on at all. And I did. And that moment marked the end of modern art.” – prompted by prize winner Martin Creed, Turner Prize, and modern art excess – see #108 +++.

Best TV sit-coms from the 60’s, Dick Van Dyke and The Beverly Hillbillies +.

Biggest reason rain forests are cut and their extraordinary variety of species endangered is – lack of food. Feed the world, and save the rain forests ++.

770 AM European pop show with Herman Backlemann +.

Bono’s (U2) support for debt reduction for poorer countries +++.

The butter sculpture at the Texas. State Fair +.

All international news reduced to conflict stories. What about the bulk of the world that is peaceful xx.

Leonard Maltin’s movie and video guide +.

Jump the Shark idea of what moment turns an ascending TV show, or career, into a nose dive – idea from Fonzie jumping the shark episode – see website +.

Musea’s new vocabulary words such as ‘lawyer morals” – whatever the lawyers say a company can get away with, or “pulp lit” the new ziney literature +.

Musicians who say they can’t read music when it takes about 1 hour for a 3rd grader to learn – xx.

Companies should NOT be saddled with health care costs – this is a job for the gov. xx.

We should protect all our children with basic health care before we build another missile, tank, or warship ++.

Richard Halliburton’s Complete Book of Marvels – kids travel classic is a gem +.

M. C. Escher painting and graphic puzzles +.

Stamp collecting +.

Developers – special tax xx.

Renovators – special tax breaks ++.

Rochester Park – largest forest inside a major city – protect and preserve +++.

Singers who sing ahead of the melody – lively and animated; or sing behind the melody – relaxed and crooning-ish ++.

Singapore – an anal nation – good? bad? Depends on your point of view ??

Chocolate +++.

Plate spinners +.

Doo wop and garage bands – two terms NEVER heard in the 50’s and 60’s x.

Jim Schutze, Observer columnist covers city hall well +.

Robert Wilonsky, Observer writer – reviewed me once and didn’t seem to have a clue of what I was saying x.

Issac Asimov wrote 2 books that summarized his 200 other books – a one of a kind prolific writer +.

Chaldean numerology (no #9 letters) +.

Local news personalities of merit – Tracy Rowlett – best anchor, Dale Hansen, best sports, Bobbie Wygant, best movie reviews +.

80% of war refugees are women and kids. US supplies half the world’s weapons. Best coverage of this issue wasn’t the major media outlets but the women’s magazine article from Marie Claire,”War is Hell on Women and Children” by Jan Goodwin, ed. Lesley Seymour, Nov. 2002 issue +++.

The “Palouse” a stretch of almost magically beautiful farmland on the border of Washington State and my home state Idaho ++.

Antoni Gaudi – master architect of the fantastic, from Barcelona +.

Picasso and Braque called each other “Orville and Wilbur” – a star for both couples + +.

Best TV marriage comedy scenes – Married with Children, Peg and Al – at the marriage counselor , watching Christmas Eve TV, getting ready for the wedding ++.

Tomb of Chin emperor Qin Shi Huangchi with its buried terra cotta army – unbelievable funeral props +.

Diet Pepsi – cough syrup swill x.

Any corporation name on an arena x.

DMN columnists – Steve Blow – up with everything facade in column, just the opposite in e-mail responses x.

Walking promenade that connects downtown and Fair Park. No car downtown would turn Dallas into the worlds biggest and classiest mall – let’s try it +++.

Pegasus as the symbol for Dallas – a work horse that soars +++.

Letterman – angst to the max, Leno – overbearing on interviews, Conan – great writers though Andy was funnier (Joel too) +.

Best example of a space alien village on earth is the Urgup Caves in Turkey made of volcanic rock – straight out of sci-fi land +.

Roman Forum – Roman architecture at its most concentrated +.

Renzo Piano, Phillip Johnson, and I.M Pei – all over rated architects x.

Most 50’S rock songs fit one of these 2 chord progressions: C-Am -F – G7, or C-F-C-G7-F-C +.

Fort worth Stockyards National Historic District +.

San Antonio’s Alamo and River Walk +

Houston’s space center +.

Austin is supposed to be so musically hip – but where’s a hit song? x.

The Cadillac Stonehenge in West Texas +.

Network news: CBS – best over all – though not very good (Dan always looks ill at ease) ; ABC – mostly touch feely stories though Peter Jennings is classy: NBC – Environment features – Brokaw just so-so; PBS & Jim Lehrer – network clone news with round-table discussions that are pretty square x.

All 3 majors demand female correspondents look like models x. All follow the same newspaper stories x. All pro business with heavy drug ads x. All refuse to respond to tough media questions x.

Leaning Tower of Pisa and Campanile +, Giotto’s rennovated Chapel in Padua +, Venice flood control – still poor and dangerous to the art legacy there x.

Recycle, resell, reuse, real good +++.

Mye Huong’s Asian Festival +.

Bart Weiss’s annual Video Fest +.

Buchannan’s monthly flea market +.

Restaurants and clubs with formal attire nights (but without the snobbery) – bring back a little glamour and dressed up style +.

CBA’s Community Bank Accounts – the government, or individuals put money in a community bank account. They keep the money, the community spends the interest on whatever the community feels is necessary – empowers community, eliminates most bureaucracy, and replaces charity, and gov. social programs with something that’s better for all involved – and no one spends a dime – only interest +++.

This is Elvis – film that breaks new ground by mixing real footage with impersonators in re created scenes +.

’57 B movie I Was a Teenage Frankenstein for this quote alone, “Answer me you fool. I know you have a civil tongue in your head. I sewed it there myself” +.

Judge scene in Bagdonovitch’s comedy “What’s Up Doc”+. A Confederation of Dunces, Kennedy O’Toole novel of New Orleans +.

Most unusual recitation – guy gets on Dallas public bus, open Bible and begins reading aloud ?

Musea essays, “I hate zine poetry”, “On Abstraction Painting or I don’t Get it”, “Requeim for Mom and Pop Stores”, “Shockism”, “A Starving artist Stands On His Soapbox to Take a Look At Capitalism” “3 Rooms, It’s Open House at Musea”,”Catty about the Catwalk or A Damsel in this Dress”, “Hunkasaurus Writes Wal-Mart” “The Revolution in Art Technology or How I’ll Win the War Daddy” etc +.

Local libraries that always need money – should accept books and magazines donated by the community – and dump the bureaucracy in between x.

Royalty – in Europe – OK, in U.S. No-k +/x.

Tin ceilings – everything old is cool again +.

House of Parliament, London – one of the most beautiful gov. Buildings in the world +.

Lady Liberty Statue ++++ But note other countries have statues of religious figures (Buddha or Christ) where our statue is for non secular indy freedom – different.

Bossa Nova – at its best the sexiest music in the world +.

Airport security that has twice singled out my 85 year old mother as a security risk – Profile a little xx.

A TV show that allows viewers to question the TV media – non existent x.

Though there was one on channel 8 for many years ++.

A city warehouse space where anyone can rent a spot for their garage sale items. Then everyone can meet in one spot for flea marketing +.

Astrology +. But when Mercury is retro x.

Lescaux cave of prehistoric art + and Lescaux 2, the replica cave for tourists- smart idea +.

Paul Adair – local theater maven +.

Public Domain theater – a place to showcase films, cartoons, newsreels, etc. that are in the public domain +.

The extension of copyright laws to appease corporations x. Modular housing that allows owners to create non-format housing quickly and inexpensively +.

John Coltrane’s, These are a Few of My Favorite Things+.

Elvis’s sacred music recordings +. God Bless the Child by Billie Holiday +. T

he boycott of religious music on almost all radio stations x. Cmaj7 chord +. Esus chord +.

Rap music – for a music based on words, the lyrics of rap on radio (mainstream rap) are not very good. They seem mean-spirited with shallow values x.

Modern art – an oxymoron x.

Russ Martin (talk show host) needs a duct tape suit (personal vendetta) x.

Magnolia, Angelika, Inwood – three, three, three, foreign and indy theaters in Dallas +++

(one each). Dallas Slam Team (poetry) +.

Up scale auction houses, Sothebys and Christies price fixing scam x.

Inwood Theater murals and Belo headquarters murals, both by Dallas artist Perry Nicholds +.

Two Musea major works on learning: “Musea’s Essay on Education ” +, Cogitology, the Art of Thinking by ed. Art and G.K.H. Bryant +. Essays by G.K.H Bryant – thoughtful and with great insight – Musea has been very lucky to reprint a number of them in our pages +.

Best film about TV’s golden age, My Favorite Year +.

Local arts coverage in DMN and local TV news, is non existent except for ‘society art’ – symphony, ballet, etc. There is more Hollywood film coverage than all local arts combined xx.

Highway along the Trinity – the disguised road project is a city roadblock x. Not more roads, less cars. Start with car free zones where those who DON’T want cars can live in pedestrian safety ++.

Ugly school buildings punish kids before they get through the door. I thought we loved our kids xx.

Ads target women who buy for the family x. Women wise up and don’t fall for Madison Ave. tactics. When women look saintly and men like goofs in ads, know the trick they’re trying to pull x.

Any Jane Jacobs book on city planning – required reading for all city councils +.

Diners – classic chrome counters are always cool +.

Perfume ads have best commercials and best design of bottles +.

Steamboat concerts. Use the steamboat as a floating concert hall and tour and play up and down the river +.

Best Lesbian (?) folk song, Janis Ian’s At 17. Gil Evgren as best pin-up artist +.

Dover Book Publishers – well made classic books at great prices +.

Three classical pieces to drool over: Albinoni’s Adagio For Strings and Organ (though he probably didn’t compose it), Ravel’s Sonatine music as falling water; Satie’s Gymnopedies+.

Local news team attempts at comedy – I’ve never laughed yet x.

Laminated keepsakes on chains as self made jewelry +.

Rocking chairs – always cool x.

Two great film series from the 40’s: Andy Hardy series, and Blondie series +. Buildings in the shape of hot dogs, boats, shoes, etc – I love them +.

Conrad Aiken poem, Senlin in the Morning – dreamy +.

Telephon, Frost poem, is surprisingly romantic +.

Hand made envelopes from glossy magazine papers +.

Laminated hand made bookmarks +.

“Got Milk?” ads – loose the moustache x.

Text over magazine photos ruins them x.

Time to suggest the unthinkable – how about repairing ancient ruins and bringing them back to their original majesty? If you can do it without ruining the original – yes. Pyramids, temples, Stonehenge, Parthenon, etc +.

Selling out defined – any artist, sports figure, or politician that uses their fame instead of their talent to make money x.

Orson Welles classics: Citizen Kane, Lady from Shanghai, A Touch of Evil, Mr. Arkadin +.

Best play from TV – Marty by Paddy Chayefsky for the ’53 Goodyear Playhouse. Butcher meets school teacher + Followed by great movie version in ’55 +.

Concrete floors with radiant heat due to nonmetallic conductive particles and fibers added, roof shingles with solar cells – two great new house building ideas +.

With every cell phone comes a permit to be rude to everyone around you – and drive recklessly ??? x.

Lighthouses and tunnels – Freudian architecture +.

Road trips – “Get your motor running. Head out on the highway. Searching for adventure and whatever comes your way – (Steppenwolf’s, Born to be Wild) +.

Best painter of young girls – Renoir +. Best painter of mother and child – Cassat +.

Music from Musicals – Hair Soundtrack, Mary Martin’s performance in Peter Pan, the song ‘Kids’ by Paul Lynde from Bye Bye Birdie +.

Bacteria – the abused kingdom of life – the little critters keep the rest of Earth alive – show a little respect +.

Two great film series: Three Colors by Polish Director Krzysztof Kieslowski – cinematic perfection of pictorial poetry +.

Spagetti westerns from Sergio Leone – a mix of good, bad and ugly +.

30’s – US grows up +. Best unknown 50’s rock and roll singer – Len Barry. Hear Bristol Stomp (Duvals) or 1-2-3+.

Most underated U.S. painter of recent times – Rapahel Soyer and his fine portraits +.

“Critics agree” yells the film promo – “Hardly !” yells Musea x.

The best painters paint all kinds of paintings: landscapes, still lifes, portraits, astracts, surrealism – scope is back in style +.

The early years of cinema should be labeled the golden age of comedy: Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd. Harry Langdon, W. C. Fields, etc. Nothing like it has ever happened before or since ++++.

Best peace songs from the 60’s Give Peace a Chance John Lennon (Plastic Ono Band), Get Together Youngbloods, Peace Train Cat Stevens, War (what is it good for – absolutely nothing) Edwin Starr,For What it’s Worth Buffalo Springfield, What’s Going On Marvin Gaye +.

Best government art program – the depression era WPA, the art is still enriching the country +. Best Romantic film and soundtrack combo – A Man and a Woman +.

Best rule concerning concerts, “Never interrupt a musician in the middle of a song, even if he’s playing in a box office – that’s so RUDE x.

The 2 Musea Muse Murals +.

Most kinky master director – tie: Spain’s Pedro Almodovar, and exiled U.S. director, Roman Polanski +.Best Silvertone guitar – Pet Dog Guitar ++++.

Favorite song of PD, “Wooden Heart” “There’s no strings upon this heart of mine…”++++

TV kids science shows refuse to talk about evolution, psychology, etc – so limited they’re pretty much worthless x.

How-To, painting shows haven’t passed 1870’s in techniques. Hey guys there have been all kinds of ‘isms’ since like Impressionism, Surrealism, Absract expressionism – wake up and smell the oil x.

Willie Nelson guitar leads – most off tempo of any professional guitar player x.

A sure hit for Willie, Musea’s song “Ballad of Willie Nelson” +.

Musea film scripts, film ideas ++.

Tommy’s rule – when working with the public, know that 1 out of every 100 people is certifiably insane x.

Beethoven’s Fur Elise, Schubert’s landler, Chopin’s nocturnes, and other short classical piano gems +.

Quote from John Lennon when asked if the Beatles were rude to some fans, “Were rude back!” +.

Hank Hill catch phrase “I tell you what” +.

Idea – a website listing all species of living things +.

Media inflection – bad journalists end their report by slowly dropping the tone of the last syllable – sounds obvious and pretentious x.

Acid free-drawing paper for artists, and paper for books +++.

Local singer/songwriter Karen Bella +.

Spam, pop-ups and other computer litter x.

Customer service – as it gets better, customers get more demanding x.

Musea architectural designs and ideas :

Kids Book Rocket, Musea Garden designs , #82, Lookout Tower, Bell Tower, Art Arch or Art de Triumph, U.S.S Musea, Carport, Flower Tower, Bio Building – time line of life, Outer Space merry-go-round, TMH Museum, Homeville, Thinking Rock house, HHT Museum, Saturn Cafe, History Museum, affordable housing designs, assorted sculpture ideas: Crescent Moon sculpture, Earth and Moon sculptures, Sun/Maze plaza, Saturn sculpture, Musea building blocks, etc+.

Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” – both volumes +.

Musea guest columnists and writers +. Magazines that have vol. _, #_ – what does that mean?

Best hand made building _ The Watts Tower +.

“211” phone number for non emergency help with social service – great idea that is catching on +.

Big rigs on city highways – way too many serious accidents x.

A public that will buy anything except a plea to end world hunger x.

Musea’s film ideas including: “How to Make a Film for $5” , “Guerilla Theater Chain”, and “Guerilla Film distribution”+.

No-ad November 15th – an annual holiday where all those interested avoid all ads +.

American Impressionist masters such as Frederick Frieseke’s beautiful women, Maurice Prendergast’s people filled watercolors, Granville Redmond’s western landscapes +.

End of big discounts that only big corporations can afford. With small discounts, small businesses can compete on price too +.

Shelving fees – fees to stock books, or recordings, or videos, etc. x.

Product placement in TV shows or movies x.

High speed chases that endanger innocent citizens – time for the police to rethink them and consider which is safer for all – chasing a speeder, or letting him go ??

The media’s excess coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict ( and it is always about the conflict and not the good of either side). No one will say why this regional conflict gets more coverage than any other news item in history ???

Painting series, such as Monet’s haystacks, poplars, Cathedral +.

Isaac Albeniz, Iberia with its Spanish driving pulse +.

Old time radio +.

A radio station that plays all radio dramas, comedies, recitations, etc +.

Alt.zines newsgroup – loud words from debating zinesters +.

Frank Rough – Texas artist of extraordinary pastel landscapes +.

Characters backing up in a horror flick x.

Grisaille – painting technique of using only black,white, and greys +.

Corporate Art can make the art, distribute the art OR review the art – but not all 3 like they do now xxxxx.

TV news ‘experts’ are almost all white men x.

TV or radio show called “Soapbox” an hour for any advocate to speak his mind without interference from anyone – a soapbox of opinions ++,

Fake Art Revolutionaries x.

Self portraits – these paintings are often the artist’s very best and most insightful +.

Simple pleasures “It’s always been good here. We live mostly off our vegetable garden. And there are mushrooms and berries in the woods.” – Russian Woman +++++

Musea salutes all artists and recognize that they are trying to do their best.

Remember this is just 1 person’s opinion. What’s yours?

c. Tom Hendricks 2002.


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