Music is NOT Subjective (reprint from the Musea vaults)

Author’s note:  After working at my craft as a musician, painter, and writer for over 40 years, it upsets me when people dismiss all that and say the result, the art that comes from that , is not good or bad it’s just a subjective opinion of the audience.  I don’t agree with that at all as you can see in this rant with Robin  (someone I don’t remember now).

No, art is NOT subjective. Do you think a 3 year old kid banging on a piano is as good as Mozart? Art is just as objective as anything else. Some Doctors are better, some musicians are better. What you and I LIKE, and what is good are often two different things. But people who know the arts can tell the difference. People who know and study the arts really do know more about it than others. They can clearly tell the difference between what is great art, and what is bad, whether they personally like it or not. That’s what a good reviewer does – he tells why art is good or bad. Talent and hard work count in arts just like they do in any aspect of life. Some artist are really better.

Robin says, “In the end, there really is no right or wrong perspective, just opinions, and there’s no accounting for taste.”
That is totally absurd, and its an opinion that is rampant throughout a generation of zombies. Apparently karma is not real, and opinions trump hard work, talent, and every other law of our universe! Robin you are living in unicorn land and you need a wake up call.
Do you think every doctor is the same? Every car repairman is equally as good? Every dish tastes the same?
Reality is not an illusion. Talent, hard work, technical excellence, and all the rest makes some music better than other music. The quality of music is never an opinion. It’s an awareness. You may like or hate great music, but in reality if you are at all educated about music, you should be able to appreciate great music.
Robin no matter what you say, a child pounding on a piano is NOT as good as Mozart’s best music. AndIn the end when you talk about the keyboard pounder versus Mozart, there really is a right or wrong perspective, it is not opinions, and no matter your taste, music education should teach you to tell the difference. Take a music appreciation class please and see the difference.


2 Responses to “Music is NOT Subjective (reprint from the Musea vaults)”

  1. dctrtuba Says:

    Awesome 🙂 The real problem is the ignorance of our society, when it comes to the arts. I don’t mean that in an insulting way. The word “ignorant” is not an insulting word. The majority of people just don’t know…but they can learn! 🙂 As a pro musician myself, I can say that music education (or even music appreciation) makes a huge difference.

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