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Postmod Art or NO-ISM (revolution in painting)

June 29, 2012

POSTMOD ART or NO-ISM : This page is all about the new art movement.

My goal is to get painting out of the Ivory Towers and back into the world.

Conceptual art ended MODERN ART. And for the last 40 years no one has known what to do with it!


Video 1. Snake Oil
The Snake Oil art piece both clamps down on one type of art while opening the door to another.

Video 2. Five Doors To The Art Revolution: Door #2 Art

Here’s why I think Modern art is neither modern nor art (or at least not very good art) anymore. 1. Cold  2. Disjointed  3. Can’t communicate it’s message  4. Weird  5. Elitist  6. Technically poor if there is technique at all  7. Pompous and inflated, often takes up a room   8. Non functional, not useful, not integrated into life 9. No breath or scope. From Five Doors to the Art Revolution, video #2.

Five Doors: Art



Modern Art

Modern art
you’ve lost your way.
I’d rather see
a comic book,
fashion drawings,
or children’s art,
an illustration,
or anything but
Modern art
you’ve lost your way!


Weird art is easy. You put a strip of raw bacon across an expensive violin – but it’s not great art!

Modern art is the salon art of our day.

Look at that
pencil and pen.
How many drawings
are left in them?

Sometimes painting needs bigger themes then ‘look I’m weird and have problems’.

Postism – a back to basics art that takes art forward.

Modern art – it’s either fishy or fowl.

There is a difference between a sketch and a sloppy painting. The first is fresh and lively. The second is unfinished and needs work

See this link for more:

See this link for article, “3D Art Theory”

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Musea Art Contest for Week of 6/27/12

June 27, 2012

The answer to, and winner (if any) for, our last contest question of:
We are still talking about painters. This one is talking to us with this quote: Name the quoter.
“Since a three-dimensional object casts a two-dimensional shadow, we should be able to imagine the unknown four-dimensional object whose shadow we are. I for my part am fascinated by the search for a one-dimensional object that casts no shadow at all.”
Marcel Duchamp.
I had no correct eligible answers. Seems like nobody was ‘ready made’ on this one.
I don’t dumb down/so please wise up.

Now on to a new Q.: Win a copy of my NEW cd CALLED ‘30′! – (first anti-band CD) or my NEWER cd CALLED ‘NEXT”(‘06) or my NEWEST cd CALLED ‘THIRDS” (May ‘07) or my MORE NEWEST cd Called “FOUR-TH” (‘08) or my MOST NEWEST cd CALLED ‘5-TH (Nov.’09) or my MORE NEWEST NEWEST cd CALLED ‘6-TH’(Feb ’12)( one of the 6 CD set). (has them all plus videos and more) if you are the first to E-MAIL ME AT THIS ADDRESS: tom-hendricks @ blanks of course) with the correct answer to this art question.
DEDICATION: These contests are dedicated to my sister, Peggy, who answered more of the questions correctly than anyone else.

FINE PRINT: The CD prize is only available to those with mailing addresses in the US. Foreign winners will have to settle for the miniscule fame alone, and the satisfaction of a job well done. But don’t forget you can listen to all the music on the website, whether you won or lost – and I’d be glad if you did!

Five towers are replacing the World Trade Center. The tallest, “One World Trade Center”, is scheduled to be finished next year. How tall will it be? Clue: Happy July Fourth everyone! Good luck.

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Music is NOT Subjective (reprint from the Musea vaults)

June 27, 2012

Author’s note:  After working at my craft as a musician, painter, and writer for over 40 years, it upsets me when people dismiss all that and say the result, the art that comes from that , is not good or bad it’s just a subjective opinion of the audience.  I don’t agree with that at all as you can see in this rant with Robin  (someone I don’t remember now).

No, art is NOT subjective. Do you think a 3 year old kid banging on a piano is as good as Mozart? Art is just as objective as anything else. Some Doctors are better, some musicians are better. What you and I LIKE, and what is good are often two different things. But people who know the arts can tell the difference. People who know and study the arts really do know more about it than others. They can clearly tell the difference between what is great art, and what is bad, whether they personally like it or not. That’s what a good reviewer does – he tells why art is good or bad. Talent and hard work count in arts just like they do in any aspect of life. Some artist are really better.

Robin says, “In the end, there really is no right or wrong perspective, just opinions, and there’s no accounting for taste.”
That is totally absurd, and its an opinion that is rampant throughout a generation of zombies. Apparently karma is not real, and opinions trump hard work, talent, and every other law of our universe! Robin you are living in unicorn land and you need a wake up call.
Do you think every doctor is the same? Every car repairman is equally as good? Every dish tastes the same?
Reality is not an illusion. Talent, hard work, technical excellence, and all the rest makes some music better than other music. The quality of music is never an opinion. It’s an awareness. You may like or hate great music, but in reality if you are at all educated about music, you should be able to appreciate great music.
Robin no matter what you say, a child pounding on a piano is NOT as good as Mozart’s best music. AndIn the end when you talk about the keyboard pounder versus Mozart, there really is a right or wrong perspective, it is not opinions, and no matter your taste, music education should teach you to tell the difference. Take a music appreciation class please and see the difference.

Z Puzzle

June 26, 2012

This is a repost of a Musea puzzle that’s already many years old – but still unsolved.  See what you can do to solve it.


Solve the code and decipher the message on this page. I do have one clue for you and here it is: Look at the code on this page










Sayings of Editor Art (Musea Vaults still creaking)

June 24, 2012


 The wit and the half-wit

Here’s a collection of quotable quotes from editor Art:


Inflated egos beware – barbed wit here!

Nowadays being 1 in a million means there’s 6,000 just like you.

On the wrong-headed supposition that Alaska is a bigger state than Texas: You fill a glass with ice and there’s not much room for drink!

If everybody’s so right, why is everything so wrong?

As you get older you discover how many ways things can go wrong.

My boat left no mark on the water, but the water left a mark on my boat.

You only have to take, one step at a time.

The critics are raving…lunatics

3 guitars and drums is not music it’s a cliché – (Ban bands, get off the bandwagon)

Edgar Allan Poe had a ghostwriter.

Even dolls have shadows.

Does a weed know it’s a weed?

Oblivious to the obvious.

There are no small roles in a one-man show.

Slippery when ‘met’.

Life a chain of et ceteras.

Winter, the season of our discomfort

The thought police have a think tank

Musea: where breaking the rules is the rule.

Editor Art in one of his moods: ‘It’s my soirée and I’ll ennui if I want to!’

If everybody does a little bit, we all do a lot!

Just be yourself. That’s quite a lot.

As with all great men/women there is enough to love/hate to suit everyone.

Grains of salt attacking the ocean.

Don’t silence opinion, foster debate.

Dancing stairs – step, step, step!

Doing the same has been done, doing different is more fun.

Hope is sparks before a flame.

On or off, it’s the same switch.

All the other flavors are just bad chocolate.

Perfume announces her entrance.

Memories resurrect.

Only one souvenir – a smile.

You’d whine to an angel!

No one searches for the sun.

The moon pulls tides that are seen and unseen

Like a tiger bringing a bouquet.

Until the wind comes, the chimes don’t exist.

The traveler sees the town as provincial, the town sees the traveler as peculiar.

Youth was her best attribute.

Blank texts say the most.

Load your pen with ink and fire.

Digest food before koans.

Favorite recipe, “heat up!”

An ocean of stories in a bottle of ink.

Old age creeps, but i’ts faster than you.

Profits at any cost?

Rose and thorn on the same branch.

The best helping hand is the one on your arm.

A crow doesn’t have to convince you its black.

He could talk rings around Saturn.

She had rhythms that weren’t 4/4!

When I get bored with myself, I leave the room.

Like trying to influence a baby with money and prestige.

My Muse is never methodical.

All mortar, no brick.

Money is more important in societies that don’t share.

Old soldiers never die, they send young ones to do it for them.

It’s so literary it’s unreadable.

The writing’s on the wall and you’re calling it graffiti.

The worst wars are civil.

First get safe, then get even.

Do you think your atoms are better than my atoms?

No one forgets to wake up.

The problem is not discovering solutions, it’s accepting them when they arrive.

No fun in functionalism.

Tear down the tower and you tear down the view.

The wind that blows the fragrance, also blows the pollen.

God has an edge to him.

For someone who knows it all, you seem to be holding back.

Each sun that rises also sets.

Comedy is serious business – it’s nothing to laugh at!

Don’t worry about it being perfect, in time your memory will solve that.

Hammering nails into air.

Sometimes only a rhinoceros will walk with another rhinoceros.

Polish a brick and you still have a brick.

Grass grows with or without you.

I love poverty, it’s so open ended.

Sometimes being nebulous is being more exact.

Recorded on a one-track mind.

Tell the other swine about these pearls.

Most people die quietly.

If she held a mirror up, do you think she’d be looking at you?

Heaven has the strongest voice.

Everything under the sun has a shady side.

Great art never lies.

“Land H2O!”

Catnip Nature!

A painting doesn’t’ become great until the magic enters it. You don’t know what that magic is, but you know when it’s there or not.

Work hard. Play fair. Sleep well.

When you do what’s right, you don’t need propaganda.

High tide removes all footprints.

He’s a fan without air.

Sex defined: any port in a storm.

There are some people who will do whatever you tell them except think for themselves.

On troubled times: Men are scorned, and boys rule.

Never has so much been owned by so few to the detriment of so many.

Hubris as stiff as a Pilgrims collar.

The public is a strange brew.

How much fire went into that chili?

You must accept the fact that those that disagree with you can be moral too.

Do birds need a bridge?.

Reality’s border wavers.

On the Mainstream Press: ‘Media-crity’ – (The Press is a Mess).

Every door has two sides.

Nobody has the right to be selfish.

Accurate in forest, vague in trees.

On essence: What is the lowest level of that onion?

All thunder, no rain.

Women are oblivious to how provocatively they are dressed but let another woman show too much and they see that immediately!

Spring visits every town.

You don’t get married to shake hands.

It’s a capital idea that just needs capital.

Rhode Island, the closet state; because, there is no ‘room’!

That ‘apple of mother’s eye’ is spoiled rotten!

Headline: ‘Blues singer wins lottery but looses livelihood’.

Some acorns fall in the shadow of the oak.

On my life: Could be a little better, could be a lot worse.

On a shallow movie, “The Preview had more depth!”

Intelligence takes reflection and reflection takes time.

Great new art causes you to flinch then recoil and come back. It has a built in necessary period of adjustment.

Dumbest stump in the forest.

When smoke coils backwards, candles grow.

On censorship: ‘Matchless book burning”.

Art term for my style : sensual minimalism.

Does everything evolve except Darwin’s theory?

Talking too big, thinking too small.

Artists do it stroke by stroke.

Don’t aim that point of view at me!

When everything’s praised, nothing is valued.

I’m drawn to art!

Can conceptual art be used to oppose the abuses of conceptual art?

If you stop the civil war inside of you, you’ll act in a civil way to the world outside of you.

On the origin: Sun was the voice and life the echo.

Fame is never longer than 15 years.

For me to forgive and forget, you must remember and make right.

The first building built was not a skyscraper.

Are you in the chorus, or a solo artist?

Like I tell my guitar, ‘Please stay tuned.’

Hope soars.

Everyone grows up at 30.

Look to the old for stability, look to the young for change.

Sign in Musea, “Get along or get along!” (Get along with others or go somewhere else.)

On not understanding: “We’re not even talking about koans, we’re talking about alarm clocks”.

Parts of Texas are civilized, unfortunately Dallas is not one of them.

Even delving into the deepest person – pretty soon you come out the other side.

On self-absorption: “There’s a world beyond your mirror, ( and it’s not backwards!)”

I’ve seen people work as one – one that itches all over.

Greed comes from not enough breast milk in childhood. The rest of the world shouldn’t have to starve because you, a rich person, have an unconscious breast-feeding problem from earliest childhood that has produced endless unquenchable hunger and greed in you.

Going back to basics but in a different direction.

In the sexual revolution, I had flat feet.

Conceptual art, assemblages, video art, etc. may have advanced ART but they didn’t advance painting. They abandoned it.

Ventriloquist got your tongue?

Don’t burn out. Don’t kowtow.

Why do they call it a period? It ought to be called an exclamation point.

I keep thinking you couldn’t be more shallow; but you keep bailing water!

Bad luck is persistent.

To wife (Or husband): “If you let yourself go, I’ll let yourself go.”

Sex is a bubble.

On recycling: “I don’t like new things. I like old things because the starch has already been taken out of them.”

It liberates, not obligates.

He’d inflict more damage if he fought the wind.

The status ‘troll’.

The difference between gadfly and genius is popularity.

Addicted to hope.

Sometimes being exact is just excess caution.

Hold your own hand.

Clever but not profound.

Even some dirt roads lead to the palace.

Beauty is instant fame.

A day without jalapenos is a day wasted.

Nature doesn’t like people that are too clever or too efficient.

I know ‘nothing’ about Zen

Why does Zen teach deprivation when life does it so much better and so much more thoroughly.

Nobody has to buy their shadow.

Death a deep cold.

Now and Zen.

Two hands: one to protect, the other to help.

My imagination has its own laws of physics.

Beam me up ‘hottie’!

Pointing to the moon is not about fingers.

The bed’s not right if the bottom sheet ‘s not flat.

Meditate OUT LOUD!

Fate is stronger than all of us put together

He thinks he’s God’s bigger brother!

Musea – space for ‘rant’.

Trust gravity.

More pockets or less stuff!

Capitalism works best for those who are selfish and greedy.

Women work, men supervise.

How does a metal band make its money? VOLUME!

There are two kinds of people, those with wanderlust, and those with a dream house.

The higher up, the longer the view.

On collectibles: A lot of anything is a pleasure.

Every Achilles has a heel.

That Achilles IS a heel.

Sign: “No outside druids or finks”.

Opening one door closes a thousand others

Modern Art to me is like salon painting was to the impressionists.

Stepford Wife culture.

Right now the Information Highway has a very heavy toll!

Fashion is clothes not costume!

This Glasnost thing is getting out of hand. Yesterday I saw Boris and Natasha having lunch with Moose and Squirrel.

Why is it that in the phrase ‘Never say never’ , they say it twice?

So much travesty … So little time!

I don’t mean to say that Dallas is a conservative town, but most people here think that Massachusetts is a Communist country.

Corporate Art Treats us like we can’t spell “I.Q.” let alone have one.

To be or not to be, what’s my motivation?

Every rule that was ever made, was made up.

Rock & Roll continues to be over.

On Art Grants. The very thing you’re good at is the very thing you’re not allowed to make money on.

Everyone disagrees on the details.

On clothes logos: I’m not wearing a sandwich board!’

When it comes to violence, the MEDIA is making a killing.

Great writing is NOT judged by the ink it uses: red or black.

Commercial: ‘I want the truth not a song and dance.” Art S Rev. “I’d like the song and dance.’

Too many artists have the gall to get angry at critics, but don’t have enough gall to do better work.

On Conceptual Art: It’s like a mime, the critics love it but nobody wants it in their house.

There are 2 types of people in the world: Those who love the Three Stooges and …. whatever.

There is no idea of humankind that can’t be easily understood if it’s taught correctly.

She’s a fashion plate … What a dish!

To some people poetry is prose with affectation.

In the 60’s everybody was playing in a rock band.

In the 90’s everybody’s publishing a zine.

American Art is too good to be wrapped in plastic.

On updated insults: Ah, your DAUGHTER wears combat boots.

The best art teachers are not in schools. They’re hanging on museum walls … and boy is that painful.

Everyone works for their own self-interest when they’re hungry.

End hunger and we’d all act like angels.

On reading one of those all feelings – no action – novels:
Too much cat and mouse, not enough meat and potatoes.

In China they revere old people because it’s a sign of respect. In America they revere old people because they’ve got all the money.

Everything good that we have was somebody’s innovation.

If you were working for me … you wouldn’t be working for me!

It’s not that I’m so different from other people. It’s just that long ago I stopped being the same and over the years it adds up.

If I want your opinion … I’ll change my mind.

To coat check girl as he tosses her his coat: Hang it up twice and take the best one.

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!

I can’t let the artists of America be turned into plastic action figures.

Art S Rev. On health coverage: I just want to make damn sure that if I change jobs from starving artist to starving musician I’ll maintain the same health coverage.

Art S Rev. On politics:
I’m not left or right – that’s too linear for me, too 2 dimensional. I belong to the up-down-sideways political party.

Musea is a zine for reading NOT shopping.

In 1961 President Eisenhower warned the country about the excessive power of the military/industrial complex. In the 2000’s I’m warning you about the excessive power of the media/art complex.

America is replacing Heart & Soul with Bought & Sold.

You ask me, ‘How can a non-commercial radio station stay in business? Volume!’

Fodder, fodder everywhere, but not a thought to think!

Musea is the official opponent of Olympic Commercialism.

Ken & Barbie news team

eMTy Video

There’s not a piece of clothing on earth that doesn’t look great on some woman and lousy on another.

When the only poetry mentioned on the news is written by serial murderers, then something is very, very, wrong.

When the only playgrounds in a city are at fast food restaurants, then something is very, very, wrong.

If an alien master race of overlords enslaved earth, they could do no worse than the automobile.

On Suffering Artists: Great artists like Van Gogh or Beethoven weren’t great because they suffered, just the opposite. They were great because their art was such a solace in a troubled life that they clung to it like a lifeboat.

On convoluted poetry:
If you don’t want it to be understood, why write in English?

On double meanings:
Why Musea? Just cause!

The trickle down theory is all wet.

On contemporary literature and the media:
We don’t need new forms of writing; we need new writing forums.

A today for every – one

Competition oils creativity.

Before any generation GETS a soul, they’re going to have to GIVE a damn.

Hunger is the itch of life.

Art S Rev. On charity ball gowns:
The only way that would look good would be if you were in Atlanta and it was burning.

Art S Rev. to Disney:
Children are more than little walking wallets.

Brick by brick I’m going to break every window in Corporate Art.

Me against the world – Even Odds!

Walking is prose, dancing is poetry.

On selling out:
Make money on your talent – not your fame!

The INTERNET is the 1st chance for all people to talk to a mass audience without corporate, government, or religious approval.

Being stupid IS stupid. Being smart IS smart.

The Republicans are the party of the rich, the Democrats are the party of government employees, and neither is much of a party for me.

This isn’t advertising, this is brainwashing.

Art S Rev. On Art without soul:
Gum without the flavor.

People don’t jump into evil – they slide.

On Dallas Schools:
If you’re dumb as dumb can be Must be from D.I.S.D. (Dallas Independent School District)

I don’t know what a midi-guitar-bundle is, but I want one.

To be or not to be, which one is the question?

On pronunciation of the word “Musea”: It’s not rocket science it’s ‘Myu – ZEE – uh’.

How can it be so late so early?

Rock & roll has become everything it started out opposing!

You can’t institutionalize innovation. That’s why no art movement has ever lasted.

Art is NOT the property of old white businessmen.

When asked what 3 items are needed to update their fall look: a sense of fashion, a sense of fashion, and a sense of fashion.

Art S Rev. Sums up the 4 local TV News Teams:
Gore on 4, Die on 5, Rape on 8, and Dead ones on 11.

I’m laying off just like the big CEO’s. I’m laying off buying the products of these greedy, firing squads.

The real political question is never asked: Why don’t the voters like ANY of the candidates.

On minimum wage:
You can’t expect maximum service on minimum wage.

On Hollywood film companies massive advertising budgets:
If I had a 80 million advertising budget, I could make a profit on a slide show of a PTA meeting.

On the Local Alternative Weekly:
I sat down with your latest issue and read every article that interested me from cover to cover – then the egg timer went off.

Hollywood used to be a big cheese. Now it just smells.

The best way to know everything about a painter is to copy his work.

On theater:
There are no small roles – only a donut and a few Danish.

I’m going back to my trailer.

The first thing to go when people become senile is their fashion sense.

On radio demands: Fairplay Airplay!

Art S Rev. On the art movement of the 80’s known as ‘Shockism’:
Death, death, death, has been done to death!

On Classics:
The world has spent thousands of years making the greatest art it can. Don’t turn your back on it!

On conspiracy theories:
“They have forced me to drink a Mickey Finn – doctored with truth serum – I must confess all!”

Musea is the front for a cartel of space aliens, the CIA, and a group of Grassy Knoll enthusiasts! I can say no more at this time!

Don’t stumble over the obvious in a rush to get to stupidity.

On world peace:
If just once all of us could put our heads together we’d need an aspirin the size of Montana.

Don’t think I take this lightly, because I do.

“Texas” an Indian word that means ‘better than where YOU came from’.

There are 2 political parties : Coke and Pepsi.

On the media’s refusal to talk about zines or the zine revolution: How can the zine revolution be under your nose and still be over your head?

I feel more comfortable fighting conservatives then I do being in league with liberals.

On life:
Why aren’t we dancing?

On a tricky arguer:
He has a way of circling the wagons into endless loops!

Count your blessings and don’t count the rest.

As cleavage drops further and further there is a point where it turns from being stylishly erotic to entertainment.

Latin phrase on Arts door: “Goof-Off-ice”

A fad is a trend with no quality

Lawyer Morals

What’s the moral standard of America? “He did it too!”

You can’t both improve and refuse to change at the same time.

The only thing Rock & Roll threatens today is teenager’s wallets

You can’t spell art with $$$ signs.

On ads:
Advertising’s universal message is SELF satisfaction.

What it NEVER does is the equally or even more important moral message of concern, support, & love for others. Advertising is a philosophy of solo pleasure in isolation which is seldom fulfilling.

Advertising is a bad philosophy with an empty, moral-less message.

If the Spice Girls wore overcoats, they couldn’t sing at all.

Help I’m drowning in the talent pool!

On Corporate Art Award shows:
Stack them high, shelve them deep, but they don’t mean a thing

Modern painting is un-pallette-able

On the economy:
What difference does it make If the economy is up, when nobody ever gets enough.

Too much clapping, not enough talent.

“I stand corrected.” “Well sit down!”

Hollywood code: Separate but Sequel!

Motto at Microsoft: “The Dork be with you.”

If repeated messages of violence on TV don’t have an impact, why are advertisers spending billions on ads to get their messages repeatedly heard?

Art should challenge – not coddle.

Hope for everything, but expect nothing.

Don’t get Kurt with me Courtney!

Sometimes computers are tools.

Sometimes computer makers are tools.

Want to know something money can’t buy? A cure for greed.

Conceptual art – a joke in search of a punch line.

Halloween’s version of the rocker’s motto:
Hex, Blood, and Pox on Souls.

These chain store clerks know nothing about books. And that’s undeniable fact. Compare a bookseller to a register jockey – a statesman to a bureaucrat.

I think the Scrabble board on Soul Train is rigged.

Stop putting Jell-O in the fish tank. No one thinks it’s funny!

Heard at the box office: “Is there a volume discount?”
“I don’t care how loud you talk, it won’t help.

On scenes we’d like to see:
“It’s the police. Throw down that tiara And come off that float with your hands up.”

Paper is sacred.

Leading a life of quiet revelation …

“Hunkasaurus what’s your spice name?”
“Old Spice!”

Great art is ALWAYS contemporary art.

I can never be too cynical about corporate art.

They can always pass my level of cynicism with their weasely-ness!!!

This is my first e-mail. Is this Meg Ryan’s house?

The clock struck one Then I threw it at the other.

Art S Rev. To Corp. Art:
I have a computer and I’m not afraid to use it!

I can’t predict the future, I’m confused about the present, and I’m a little fuzzy about the past.

Dear Big Company,
Please send me a form letter. I’m starting a collection.

Art on hold and listening to a recording:
If you valued my business, I wouldn’t be on HOLD!

The ‘write’ stuff.

On a boring website: Dot. Yawn.

On enlightenment: My best guess: It’s not a lightning strike but the slow process of a lifetime of learning through experience. You become enlightened to what is right for you, through living your life.


On the internet:
Y’all know what’s going on out there?

Corporate art is a Ma & Pa store too:
Ma-nure and Pa-thetic

I’m not yelling AT you, I’m yelling WITH you.

If greed is a religion, advertising is its Bible.

Fight hype!

If computer makers are so smart, why aren’t they smart enough to make computers simple.

If I ever get a foot in the door, It’ll probably get broken.

Changing the arts one millennium at a time.

Excuses for Abuses!

People change once every NEVER!

On provincialism: “The Dairy Queen (DQ) is not a cultural center.”

Zines are king!

Operators are standing by to give YOU orders

You can follow the moon in any direction.

Everyone’s a hawk before the first battle.

On consumerism: a race to waste.

Promise knots often slip.

You learn a very important lesson when you join the army – never join the army!

There was chemistry between us, but it was all hydrogen sulfide.

Give until you’re happy.

Fat dogs have fat owners.

A mime is a terrible thing to face!

There is an ad for everything – except sharing.

I’m allergic to my skin!

Like a Ming Vase in the nursery.

We seem to live in different seasons.

Both flowers and weeds grow under the sun.

Musea formula for ending Corporate Art Monopolies: They can either make the art OR distribute art, OR review the art, but they can’t do all three!

Want to know what you can do to further the Art Revolution? By far the most important thing you can do is … DO SOMETHING!

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