Myspace, What Happened?

Musea E-mail Club #539


Most of us agree that the consolidation of the arts into so few corporate hands (Big 6 – see below) is not good for the arts. When that hand full of conglomerates not only make and distribute the art; but, review the art they make too – that is too much. That’s reason enough to do some trust busting. BUT

Most of us think , somewhere in the back of our minds, that these business leaders, though hard on quality art, are probably pretty good at business – right? More and more I think that is wrong! Bad art is bad business. Take MYSPACE (please! as Henny Youngman would say).

CNN reported that Myspace sold for $35 million last year, and noted that it was “far less than the $580 million News Corp. paid for Myspace in 2005.” – Wikipedia on Myspace

Now let’s do the math here. News Corp. or FOX and Rupert Murdock as we know it, bought Myspace for 580 and sold it last year for 35. Loss of $545 million. Guess what? I could run the company, do nothing, upset no one, and not loose $545 million! So could you. Bad art is bad business.

Myspace, that used to be a vibrant place to dress up a personal webpage with a lot of individual originality, was destroyed by, among other things, a hunger for quick profit and ad greed. Overall the changes made to the site by ‘businessmen’ were for more profit for myspace, not for supporting or helping myspace users. That never works, and it didn’t work here. So Fox then sold it for a great loss.

We need to bring back great art, but as a side note – we need to bring back businessmen who get it – see that the art is what has value, and enhance great art, not destroy it.

Myspace – what is your future now? 100 million, one time users – I included – still wonder.

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