Your Love Is True – a song cycle

“Your Love Is True” a Song Cycle

In 1967 a local group in Tyler, Texas, was going to record a song I’d written, then titled “Your Lovin’ Trip” – it was the late 60’s remember. Complication arose and they couldn’t do it.

The guitar player for the Tyler group, Doug Rhone, later went on to play as guitarist in Neil Diamond’s band, where he still is.

But Dale Hawkins, a musician, known for his national hit, “Susie Q.”, and a record producer, wanted the song for a Dallas group, called “The American Blues”. They recorded “Your Love Is True”, as the “A’ side of a single.

The arrangement had a Five Americans sound. The Five Americans were a Dallas group with some national hits like “Western Union” and “I See the Light”.

Here’s the review from Billboard Magazine of the single, and my song, “Your Love Is True.” (note my name is misspelled on the record, and I had to share writing credits with the producers – typical suits behavior!)

AMERICAN BLUES – Your Love Is True (Prod. Dale Hawkins) (Writers Kirk-Hendrix-Hawkins) Tyler Belldale, BMI) – Dale Hawkins first production for Amy has the earmarks of a hot chart item in this pulsating rocker with good group sound and identifiable lyric content for the teen buying market. Flip: “Say So” (Belldale, BMI) Amy 997.

Two of the band members that recorded my song, went on to bigger recognition than Dale Hawkins, and the Five Americans had, combined. Can you name that group?
Oh and how did the record sell? … Didn’t do so good.

The group’s name was ZZ TOP.

The two band members of ZZ Top that came from the American Blues were Frank Beard, and Dusty Hill.

Now to bring this long tale back to where it began. ZZ Top recorded their first two albums, ‘ZZ Top’s First Album’, and ‘Rio Grande Mud’, at the Tyler Recording Studio of Robin Hood Brians! Started in Tyler, Texas and ended in Tyler Texas.


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