6-TH CD Online Release Party info (directions to party)

How do you access the new CD on Thursday? The secret link will be on my blog:



What’s this all about?

Coming February 16th – from 7-9PM (Dallas, Texas time).



This is the 6TH CD from Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar. It is part of the multi CD, HUNKASAURUS AND PET DOG GUITAR’s OUTSIDE THE BOX ,CD SET.

To hear the first 5 CD’s click on http://www.Hunkasaurus.com

Tom Hendricks, that’s me, alias Hunkasaurus, will be there. I’ll be glad to answer any questions or respond to any comments about this CD or any aspect of my post-bands music or my zine Musea, or the art revolution.


Thursday the 19th at HUNKASAURUS.COM at 7PM, webmaster Matthew will flick the switch and post all 12 songs to the new CD. From 7:01 on, you are invited to listen to any or all songs on the list for the next two hours. Drop in anytime within that time period. And if you like, you can switch to my blog and comment on the CD, this back to basics, new type of music, or ask any question you like. Or just read what others are saying. We will have a running thread on my blog

Then at 9PM Matthew will pull the plug. If you miss hearing it then, you’ll have to wait awhile before the CD will be posted online again.

Start with Post-Bands music. I am the first, AFAIK, to openly oppose what rock and popular music have become. So these CD’s are the first for a new type of music. NEW CENTURY, NEW MUSIC! I suggest a new, back to basics music that is a more honest and simple music. My version is voice and guitar, with emphasis on good songs (covers and originals – best from new and old), great melodies, solid lyrics, and honest straightforward singing. See what you think. Dance if you want to!
Feel free to ask me about any of these other topics besides my 6 CDs : 1. My 20 year old monthly art and media zine, MUSEA , 2. The WORLD’S FIRST TOP FORTY LIST – the best 200 songs on the net, from every continent on the planet (and what a talented bunch of musicians this group is), 3. BOX OFFICE CONCERTS at the Inwood Theater, Dallas, Texas; 4. WORLD REQUEST AND DEDICATION for all; 5. Conceptual art that challenges conceptual art and all modern art; 6. The ZINE HALL OF FAME, 7. My 60 VIDEOS including the 6 part lecture series, FIVE DOORS TO THE ART REVOLUTION; any of my writings, or anything else.
HEY WORLD – COME TO MY PARTY! The cyber- door will be open – Tom Hendricks.

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