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Musea Art Contest 5/30/11

May 30, 2011

The answer to, and winner (if any) for, our last contest question of:

The new Musea Issue features 6 concert pix of me playing and singing in my Inwood Box Office Concerts. They showcase the photo talents of David McGhee. AND speaking of photographers of musicians (here comes the question finally)  Which rock photographer is the only one that had his photos used as album covers for all three of these: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and  The Who. Name that photographer. For extra stars give the albums.


Ethan Russell who did these covers,  Beatles:  Let it Be, Rolling Stones: Get Yer Ya-Yas Out!, The Who: Who’s Next and Quadrophenia.

We had no winners, seems y’all’s answers didn’t ‘develop’ on this one.

I don’t dumb down, so please wise up! Now on to a new Q.: Win a copy of my NEW cd CALLED ‘30′! – (first anti-band CD) or my NEWER cd CALLED ‘NEXT”(‘06) or my NEWEST cd CALLED ‘THIRDS” (May ‘07) or my MORE NEWEST cd Called “FOUR-TH” ‘08 or my Just RELEASED MOST NEWEST cd CALLED ‘5-TH’(Nov.’09)( one of the 5 CD set). (has them all plus videos and more) if you are the first to E-MAIL ME AT THIS ADDRESS: tom-hendricks @ blanks of course) with the correct answer to this art question.

FINE PRINT: The CD prize is only available to those with mailing addresses in the US. Foreign winners will have to settle for the miniscule fame alone, and the satisfaction of a job well done. But don’t forget you can listen to all the music on the website, whether you won or lost – and I’d be glad if you did!

This farmhouse near Hartfield, was, over decades, the home of two British greats – the earlier resident was a noted Children books author. The later resident was a rock pioneer. Though they seem to have nothing else in common, they both lived at the same home. Name the farm house.


Readers, IF you like these puzzles and would like to resend them to friends, post them on any newsgroup, or any website, please do so. The more the merrier! For tons of past quizzes go to, the musea website at or the Musea blog at And don’t forget the music/videos at Friends welcome) (all my videos)

Tom Hendricks (editor of the 17 year old zine Musea) ZINE, Named one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine. Featured on ROCKETBOOM) MUSIC, 5 full CD’s of free Post-Bands Music) BLOG for Musea, Art Contests, Weekly E-mail Messages)

5 Brand New songs for the Big Music List

May 29, 2011

New inductees tonight into the big list!!! New Big LIst additions

Best  Comic Duo,  Garfunkel and Oates, all videos, (yt).

Best Love for All, anthem: Fred Francis, “The World Was Made for Love” (net)

Best Guitar Version of the Country Classic , Martin Tallstrom “Foggy Moutain Breakdown, (yt). B side,  “Lost in the Rain”  (ms).

Best Jazz, Classical, Folk ,Mix  Becca Stevens  “The Riddle”, “Weightless” (ms/ net).

Best Big Star that Wisely Dumped Bands ,  Eddie Vedder (and his Ukulele) “Without You”  (net).

FIRST WORLD TOP 40 LIST! BEST MUSIC LIST in the WORLD!!! (And hardest to get on!) Never before – or probably never again in history, will anyone hear such great new music all at once.The internet is the world’s first worldwide JUKEBOX. And this is the first music in that jukebox.  The first OUTSIDE THE BOX set. Week after week Musea, my 17 year old Dallas art and media zine scours myspace and youtube for the very best in music from every corner of the world for the world’s first list of new great music.

Tom Hendricks

(editor of the 18 year old zine Musea)

Bad Art If …

May 27, 2011

You know its:

A bad book … if it has a subtitle

a bad film … if it has a symphony orchestra on the soundtrack

a bad recording … if it has guest artists

bad art … if it has to be explained by the artist.

Musea E-mail Club #529 The Big Musea MUSIC Issue

May 24, 2011

Dear Readers,

The new Musea issue is out. Issue #180, for May/June/July 2011, starts by spotlighting a series of 6 B/W photos of me playing in the box office by the gifted photographer, David McGhee – these you can only get in the print version – though I can offer one sample at

Musea MUSIC issue

David McGhee photo

The rest of the issue is a discussion on new music ideas – time for a big change in music, don’t you think? Well if you agree you will love these  musical innovations.

Get the issue from the usual stops in Dallas or, for US addresses, send me a request, or a trade, or an SASE, or for text only, everyone online can go to

Let me know what you think.

Tom Hendricks  (editor of the 18 year old zine Musea)  ZINE, Named one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine. Featured on ROCKETBOOM)  MUSIC, 5 full CD’s of free Post-Bands Music)  BLOG for Musea, Art Contests, Weekly E-mail Messages)

Code Rings On – tough puzzle for the detective in you

May 24, 2011


Musea has an art puzzle for you and it is going to require you to solve the code and decipher the message on this page. It isn’t easy and I really don’t expect anyone to get it (at least for a while). But if anyone does, they will win $19 cash as a prize. Good luck and before I sign off, I do have one clue for you and here it is:

Look at the code on this page










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