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Poem after Walter De la Mare

April 30, 2011

Full Moon

(my version of a poem by Walter De la Mare)


One night as I lay fast asleep

into my drowsy eyes

a great white light began to creep

from the evening skies

It was the nearby Moon for whom

I raised my dreamy head

Her surge of beams filled the pane

and flowed across my bed

So for a while I gazed at her

and she gazed back at me

till climbing slowly on her way

I was back asleep.

Take a Ride

April 30, 2011




















…………………….e   e   e  e  e e e e e e e  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Musea Art Contest 4/25/11

April 25, 2011

The answer to, and winner (if any) for, our last contest question of: This painter noted for his colorful works said, “I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.” Name him.


Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The winner is Loki from France. Seems the rest of you were working with a limited palette!

I don’t dumb down, so please wise up! Now on to a new Q.: Win a copy of my NEW cd CALLED ‘30′! – (first anti-band CD) or my NEWER cd CALLED ‘NEXT”(‘06) or my NEWEST cd CALLED ‘THIRDS” (May ‘07) or my MORE NEWEST cd Called “FOUR-TH” ‘08 or my Just RELEASED MOST NEWEST cd CALLED ‘5-TH’(Nov.’09)( one of the 5 CD Outside the Box set). (has them all plus videos and more) if you are the first to E-MAIL ME AT THIS ADDRESS: tom-hendricks @ blanks of course) with the correct answer to this art question. FINE PRINT: The CD prize is only available to those with mailing addresses in the US. Foreign winners will have to settle for the miniscule fame alone, and the satisfaction of a job well done. But don’t forget you can listen to all the music on the website, whether you won or lost – and I’d be glad if you did!

Where is the American Art Masterpiece, Whisler’s Mother? GOOD LUCK!

Readers, IF you like these puzzles and would like to resend them to friends, post them on any newsgroup, or any website, please do so. The more the merrier! For tons of past quizzes go to, the musea website at or the Musea blog at And don’t forget the music/videos at Friends welcome) (all my videos) Tom Hendricks (editor of the 17 year old zine Musea) ZINE, Named one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine. Featured on ROCKETBOOM) MUSIC, 5 full CD’s of free Post-Bands Music) BLOG for Musea, Art Contests, Weekly E-mail Messages)

Snake Oil and the revolution in painting

April 24, 2011

Revolution in Arts (Visual)

Revolution in Painting

What’s wrong with modern art? 1. Cold 2. Disjointed 3. Can’t communicate it’s message 4.Weird  5.Elitist 6. Technically poor  if there is technique at all 7. Pompous and inflated, often takes up a room 8. Non functional, not useful, not integrated into life 9 No breath or scope. From Five Doors to the Art Revolution, video #2.

Musea E-mail Club #527 Background Vocals

April 22, 2011

My Musea weekly art contest always gets some great responses. The current winner was Loki from France, who also commented on the Hunkasaurus recordings –

Keep-up the good work, my compliments to the arranger of several of your post-band pieces, I found the voicing between the many lines of guitar and voices very interesting. Cheers.

Loki,  I’m glad to hear you like that.  These recordings are the collaboration of me doing all the guitar and vocals, and my musical engineer Pam Irwin doing the recording. When we started this one-guitar, one-voice 150 song project almost a decade ago, I envisioned just that, one voice and one guitar. I didn’t even think of background vocals. But adding just a little background on one of the early songs helped the song a lot. Soon I found out that Pam, with her decades of experience in recording, had the perfect ear for what’s best in background vocals. I turned that aspect of the recording over to her, and have been very pleased with the results ever since. Glad you were too!

Note that the background vocals are not always predictable, often grow towards the finish of the song, and overall just sound right (take them out and the song sounds a little wrong and incomplete). That’s a tribute to one of my musical engineer’s musical gifts! Nice to see that someone picked up on that aspect of these recordings.

Hear for yourself:

Now out the 5 CD Outside the Box Set,  Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar.

Includes “30” , “Next”, “Thirds”, “Fourths”, and “5-TH”.

Hear them all at

Tom Hendricks

(editor of the 18 year old zine Musea)

ZINE, Named one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine. Featured on ROCKETBOOM)

MUSIC, 5 full CD’s of free Post-Bands Music)

BLOG for Musea, Art Contests, Weekly E-mail Messages)

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