Musea E-mail Club #521 My 5,000th Art Work : Meteorite Cowboy Bolo Tie

Musea E-mail Club #521  5,000 Art Work. METEORITE COWBOY BOLO TIE

My 5,000 Art Work

Readers,  January 11, 2011  I made my 5,000th art work. Though I didn’t plan it it is much in the same style as the one at #4,900! But honest, most of my art works are quite colorful. This one is more black and white. I call this style my ‘print’ style.


The work is called METEORITE COWBOY BOLO TIE. I got the idea for designing a special bolo tie, that western style tie with the thin rope and a clasp at the neck. Instead of the usual clasp, I thought how much fun it would be to use a meteorite from outer space for the clasp stone.


I started with a small drawing – everything here is pure imagination – when I was doing the coat I added square buttons for fun.  I took the drawing that was about 5″ by 3.5″ to a copy place and made copies. Then with this copy I added black marker background, some pencil to darken the coat, and clean up the drawing, plus (if I remember correctly) some grey colored pencil. What do you think?


Just for fun, the art work before this, was a smaller copy of this drawing with flesh colored face, and a light pencil background. The one after this was an abstract pen drawing on a paper plate done at a bookstore cafe!


Photo of the art work is enclosed OR see my blog.



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