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For Post Valentine’s Day, the song: Don’t Give Up On Love

February 16, 2010

For post Valentines Day, this original

Then click on the title:
Don’t Give Up On Love

First verse;

On the road to who knows where
where nobody seems to care
and you ask why am I here….
Don’t give up on love.

Proud Words – my version of Carl Sandburg’s “Primer Lesson”

February 16, 2010

Proud words,
wooden soldiers,
wound up tight,
can’t stop marching.

trip and fall,
stiff and rigid,
can’t get up,
can’t stop marching.

Spring Comes and Most of the World is Born

February 16, 2010

Spring comes and most of the world
is born.
Buds break out from the winter brown.
Newborn animals take their first steps –

learn to walk,
learn to fly,
learn to swim,
learn to hide,

learn to play
and be curious,
learn to run
at mother’s warning.

Welcome all!
It’s a BIG world!
Surely there’s room
for each of you.

When Everything’s Cold

February 16, 2010

When everything’s cold
except the bed
and the covers are the only
protection from the world…

The Subject Was Chaos

February 16, 2010

the subject was chaos
so I went to the room,

but the building was in shambles
and the times were all wrong,

and the professor was fired
(having a curriculum),

and the students were missing,
all me and all them,

Roll call, “All absent”,
said all 1-0-1.

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