New Year’s Day Message – Loose Confederation, Join Us (Musea E-mail Club #497)


There is a growing LOOSE CONFEDERATION of people in the art and media revolution. There are many artists, advocates, and advocacy groups, that cover the problems of a specific type of art. And some, like myself see the problem as endemic of all arts and media.

Some of these leaders know of the other leaders, some of us have even worked with each other to bring about changes. But whether by ourselves, or within our specific interests, or as a loose collective, we are all aiming for the same basic changes – better media and art, and more fair opportunity for all artists, art groups, and art companies.

Some notable leaders are:

Karl Wenclas , a leading advocate for change in literature, and co-founder of the ULA, Underground Literary Alliance. Also The American Dissident Journal and website.

Charles Thomson, a leading advocate for change in pictorial arts, and co-founder of the Stuckists Art Movement.

Myself, a leading advocate for change in music, with the new Post-Bands music. Plus other aspects of the art and media revolution. Also the Big List, first world best new music list with over 200 new musicians from all over the world.

There are also notable MEDIA advocates such as the media site, Indy Media, or FAIR, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.

Though each of these leaders or groups speak for themselves. I would think that most would join me in these major concerns for all the arts and media

I advocate
1. Balanced, fair, and honest reviews of music, books, films, tv, arts and all the arts and media.

2. Balanced, fair and honest news coverage of the art and media industry.

3. Coverage of advocates, advocacy groups, and artists opposed to corporate art, and for a peaceful art and media revolution.

4. Balanced unbiased coverage of the main media and art conglomerates. There are 6 major conglomerates with a handful of other players.

By joining together we can do more to promote better arts.

Now I would like to invite you the reader to join us. If you are a musician, writer, painter, filmmaker or any type of artist – join us. If you are the leader of an advocacy group or a member of an art group, join us. If you are a lover of the arts, join us. Let’s bring back great art together!

Happy New Year!

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 17 year old zine Musea)


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