Musea E-mail Club #473 Summer Fun and Games

Readers,  It’s summer and time for some fun activities. Here’s three to start off your summer. 

The first is “CODE RINGS ON”, a puzzle. It’s TOUGH. I first published it many years ago with no one even attempting to solve it. So We’ll try again.
The 2nd, “PAINT LIKE POLLACK” is a website where you can paint like Pollock. See the url and some tips. Thanks to the Art and Seek Blog for this idea.
The 3rd is “RIVErDALE RELATED” . Thanks to my sister Peggy for this one.

Musea has an art puzzle for you and it is going to require you to solve the code and decipher the message on this page. It isn’t easy and I really don’t expect anyone to get it (at least for a while). But if anyone does, they will win $19 cash as a prize. Good luck and before I sign off, I do have one clue for you and here it is:
Look at the code on this page
Paint like Pollack
Go to this site, click on the enter button, and begin to paint.
Move your mouse slow and paint in thicker blobs with more splatter. Move fast and you get a thin line.
Click on your mouse and you get a 2nd color. Then add that. Rinse and repeat.
You know there must be something to that Mayan Calendar thing when you hear earth shaking news like this. ARCHIE is going to propose marriage to either VERONICA OR BETTY. Woah! Kinda like the short story of the Lady and the Tiger!
Have a good summer,

Tom Hendricks 
(editor of the 16 year old zine Musea) (named as one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine) ( Music -4 full CD’s of free Post-Bands Music) (Blog for Musea) (New Friends welcome) (all my videos)


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