Musea E-mail Club #405 10 Reasons I Hate Ads!

These ten reasons are why I hate ALL advertising. I stopped
at ten not because there weren’t more but because I was tired of
typing! Comments welcome.

1. Ads promote self interest over anything. You’ll never hear an
ad that asks you to share. Imagine if every ad asked you to share
what you already have!!!
2. Ads suggests that you should never be satisfied with what you have now.
3. Ads suggest a false agenda of what is important. There is a lack
of perspective on what is important and what is ad drivel.
4. Ads push a waste of resources – often for little substantial long
lasting reward.
5. Ads consolidate corporate power in the hands of mega companies
that alone can afford the huge ad costs. In the end a handful of
‘name’ brands control each industry.
6. Advertisers get excess influence through the impact of their ad dollars.
They’ve pushed their own agenda on not only tv and radio shows, but newspapers,
and the news media.
7. Ads set fals standards of what is socially and morally correct.
8. Ads abolish or downplay all religious beliefs. The hidden message is,
‘believe what you want’ as long as it doesn’t interfere with buying our
product or service.’ When was the last time you saw an ad that promoted
going to service?
9. Ads have become excessively intrusive into our lives. Ex. in our homes
they assault us through mail, spam, magazines, flyers, phone calls, even
ad stickers on fruit from the market.
10. Ads are propaganda to change our behavior and thoughts. If you wanted
their product or service you would already have it. They have to force
you to change your thinking. It is flat out pro business propaganda.

I suggest we start our opposition to ads by openly opposing ads to
all children. No child benefits from any ad – period.

In house: Musea’s 3rd cd, Thirds by Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar,
got a luke-warm review in RazorCake the big punk music zine.

Tom Hendricks
ed. of the 15 year old zine Musea (main site) (music) (blog)

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