Musea E-mail Club #404 ZW and XD – Review Zines

Here in the USA world of zines, there are two major zines that
review other zines. They have both put out new issues recently
and they deserve our attention for their high quality and their years of work for zinesters.

Since Factsheet Five closed – THE zine review zine – there have
developed two major review zines in its wake.


Zine World, started by Doug Holland, is the larger of the two.
I review for it and have from the start. Jerianne Thompson is
now the editor and she has put together and released issue #25.
This issue has about 50 pages, with a good news section on
publishing and free speech issues, and lots and lots of short reviews
of zines by 30 reviewers. It’s policy is straightforward and fair
to all – ZW will review any zine. It also looks at a lot of other
aspects of the underground press such as zine libraries,
upcoming events, some related books and dvds etc. It is known for
its policy of tough but fair reviews
For more on ZW see its website at


Calling itself the Review Zine with Perzine Tendencies, XD
takes a different approach. It’s editor from the start, Davida Gypsy Breier,
has assembled a group of 18 reviewers, who review zines they like.
The field of zines reviewed is shorter but the reviews are longer and
more personal. Each reviewer reviews those zines he has found that
he likes, in the style he likes to review them. XD just released
issue #22. Note the similar number of issues of both ZW and XD!
For more info on XD see

For all the latest in zines and ziney things, you must get both of
these staples! Congratulations to both staffs!

BTW, in house news – XD reviewed 3 Musea issues in its latest.
I got high marks from Quismada from Arlington Tx. for issue #151
– where I reviewed all of the first 150 issues of Musea;
from Fred Argoff from Brooklyn, NY for issue #157 the Guide to
Comics issue; and from Fran McMillian from Newark, DE for my
last cd THIRDS. Fran says, ” There’s not much in the way of audio
pyrotechnics; its just Tom, his voice and his guitar playing a
selection of original compositions and classics from the Beatles
Bob Dylan and Elvis Pesley, to name a few. What I like best about
this album is its intimacy; just one musician playing songs he
loves and enjoys. With today’s digital recording technology,
it’s so easy to get lost in a sea of special effects and lose the
qualities that make music worth listening to. Favorite tracks;
“Let it Be Me” and “Up and Down”
Thanks all.

Tom Hendricks
ed. of the 15 year old zine Musea (main site) (music) (blog)

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