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9th! Last CD of the set out now.

October 6, 2014

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Dear Readers,

My 9th CD is now out, following fast on the 8-th released about a month ago.
Like Beethoven, I’m stopping at 9. Look for a very limited signed ‘outside the box’ set of all 9 for Christmas.

The songs from 9, should also be on all the major music sites by Christmas , on the hunkasaurus site, or you can get a copy of the single CD from me (contact me).

Be sure to see the new issue of Musea for the full story of this 10 year music project.

Here’s the contents list for my 9th.

Song order for 9-TH [cd by Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar] Tom Hendricks
“9-TH” by Hunkasaurus & His Pet Dog Guitar

1. Roll
2. Blue Moon
3. Light My Fire
4. Grey Green Eyes

5. Forget That Girl
6. I Got You Babe
7. Box Office Blues
8. O

9. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
10. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
11. 1,2,3,4,5

12. Bus Stop
13. Rehearsal
14. Saturn Trine Venus
15. Amazing Grace

16. Lonesome Town
17. Deep Rock And Roll
18. I Can’t Stop Loving You
19. Stay/Sherry

20. Musical History of TMH …
21. Carolina No
22. Unchained Melody

Tom Hendricks

For Pete’s Sake (postmod version)

September 30, 2014

Back to basics, postmod version of this Monkee classic

Zine World (song about zines)

September 25, 2014
Zine World

Zine World Zine World, Zine World,
Doug is working overtime

Zine World, Zine World
he and his crew don’t make a dime but
They’ll bring to you an anthology
Of 100’s of reviews of 100’s of zines in
Zine World, Zine World, la la la la la la la.

Zine World, Zine World 
Spreading like a Godzilla rampage
Zine World, Zine World
The underground press is all the rage so 
Buy a copy and only send cash
We’ll separate the wheat from the shaft in
Zine World, Zine World la la la la la la la.

Zine World, Zine World
All you zinesters send in your zines
Zine World, Zine World
We’ll take a look and say which stink
Then you pick your favorites, you make the call
take your world with a grain of alt and
Zine World, Zine World, la la la la la la la.

tmh music – Musea music

ROCK is the beat ROLL is the Magic

September 17, 2014

Sayings of Eddie Art

Rock is the BEAT
Roll is the MAGIC

ROCK AND ROLL in its earliest decade was opposing and rebelling against the mainstream music that came before. Today it’s cloning that rebellion in generic copies.

If you are in a band, you’re 60 years too late!

Bands, you’re not breaking new ground, you’re following a 60 year old format.

More circus than soul! – Corporate Music.

POSTMOD MUSIC – the first new music since the 3 company monopoly (Warners,Universal, Sony) took over.


Roll (rock is the beat, roll is the magic)

September 16, 2014

This ain’t pretty, but it’s live. (More rehearsal than anything. For the official studio version go to the big box set).
Roll is the opening song, from my 9th CD ,of the “outside the box” set, for Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar (a back to basics, “this guitar is as good as a band”, style of music, or postmod music).


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