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Studio B – 3/25/14, Finished #8

March 26, 2014

Finished recording my 9th cd (called 8-TH, because my first was a double) today Tuesday. First I recorded the guitar part to Hey Joe . It was tough because in the middle when Joe is running down to Mexico cause of what he did, I play a Spanish classical guitar middle, then come out of it and finish another verse. The guitar took a while to get it right. Then we took a break and I put the vocals on it. Then we finished with background vocals to G-L-O-R-I-A, which was more fun than difficult,with 3 passes of background vocals. Done. (now to get song order, let Nolan mix it, a cover made -David McGhee says he can help with cover photos – and it will be soon done.

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Yesterday, recorded vocals for ‘Anna’, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

February 19, 2014

Readers, I’ve started recording again, (#8) and have been doing guitar and vocals for the next Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar album.
Yesterday, Feb 18, I did two of the most emotionally taxing and draining vocals.  One for Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the other for Anna.
My arrangement of Somewhere over the Rainbow has a slow intro, a couple of verses, 2 tricky middle parts, and an ending where the voice matches the two highest notes on the guitar (actually the highest note on the high E, then the note beyond; B-C).  I got it, a keepable version that had both the correct timing, and feeling that I wanted – but it wasn’t easy.  After a break,we, I and engineer Nolan Brett, listened to the playback for background vocals, … no – we decided to leave it alone.
Then on to Anna.  This powerful rock and roll classic is full of emotion, and feeling, and a lot of angst. The singer is responding to his girlfriend breaking up with him.  I tried to mix, in my voice, a feeling of anger, bravado, upsetedness, and more. The middle break was the emotional high point.  We did some background vocals here and there – mostly just singing Anna – but that middle was left in it’s stark state.
Can’t wait till you hear these two and the others we’re recording.
For about a hundred songs :

Happy Birthday Elvis (my version of ….

January 10, 2014

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Tuesday and Wednesday I played my Box Office Concerts and …

December 20, 2013

Tuesday and Wednesday I played my Box Office Concerts, and only one couple showed much interest. He swayed to the music, and she searched her purse for a lighter,  lit it and held it up!  Sweet.

My Two Songs are in the Top 20 of Neil Young’s Protest Song Chart

December 16, 2013

My two songs have made the top 20 out of about 3,000 on Neil Young’s protest music page this week!

  • Peace Sign (under Hunkasaurus)
  • AOL Can go and Tank Tomorrow (under Tom Hendricks)



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