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miniMoonlight (Beethoven inspired)

July 23, 2014

My keyboard bagatelle inspired by Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

10 Year Music Project – DONE! 3:57 7/16/14

July 18, 2014

Dear Musea Readers,

Yesterday, July 16, 2014, I finished recording my 10 year and 9 CD voice and guitar project started in the summer of 2004.

My audio engineer Nolan Brett ran the machine after holding up 3 fingers, and I finished the third and last back up vocal harmony part to my original song titled “ROLL” with the line

“OH DARLIN”…ROLL” with my hands waving in the air!

Time 3:57 PM 7/16/14.*

I _ WAS _ DONE !!!


Today, for the first time, I counted up all the songs from the 9 different CD projects (7 done and 2 yet to release, then the total set will be released as my OUTSIDE THE BOX SET!) to see how many songs there were in total.

For all these years I never knew how many I would end up with. Basically I was recreating my song list from the 17 years of playing the Box Office Concerts at the Inwood Theater, Dallas.

I knew my first CD was 30 songs – I even titled it “30”. And I knew the last one we finished yesterday had 22. But the others varied, with usually closer to 12-15. So, I added them up (my secret aim was somewhere around 120 – 150)

Carried the so and so number …. WAIT … it’s looking to come out even….. NO!… FATE is STEPPING IN ….



This earlier instrumental from the set is a favorite and good for celebrating! (Grey Green Eyes)

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 22 year old zine Musea)

*The session was scheduled from 2-4 PM. Had 3 minutes to go!


The 10 Year Recording Music Project …. Almost Done!!!

July 11, 2014

July 2nd at Crystal Clear Studio “B”, was the last day of recording the guitar parts for my 10 year 10 CD music project

July 9th at Crystal Clear Studio “B”, I recorded the lead and background vocals for 3 of the songs – all originals.

There are 2 vocals left – and the recording part of my 10 year music project will be done.

My intent was to show all the types of music, and types of songs, and instrumentals one person can do on one standard (50 year old Sears Silvertone) and to reflect some of the fun I had doing 18 years of Box Office Concerts from the Inwood Theater Box Office, Dallas, Texas. This is very much a back to basics music project, and I believe it is a one of a kind. Hope you enjoy it.

Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar (or)
Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 20 year old zine Musea)

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Corporate Musicians Charge What to Book???

May 24, 2014

Here is a post showing how much it costs to book many corporate musicians.
Check out the list – specially those charging $50,000+, or $100,000 +. Then read my comments


Who are these people? What if you had to have a hit single before you charged more than $1,000. How many would be on the list then? Part of the vitality and fun of music is some rebellion. None on that list. Some coming out of Dallas with postmod music. Just a small part of the music rebellion is against over charging people.

Yet you could hear the world’s first and only Box Office Concerts by Hunkasuarus and His Pet Dog Guitar in Dallas, for free – even drive by and listen.
Base your price on creativity and musical firsts, and none on the list would make more.

The music keeps getting more bland and generic as the praise grows higher, and the costs skyrocket. Ready for the music rebellion in the wings called postmod music yet? First thing it does is get back to basics – 2nd thing, opposes what rock/rap/country/pop have become, 3rd brings the vitality that open rebellion brings to music.”

Preview: “8-TH” CD

May 19, 2014

Last week I got the first mixed version of my new CD, called “8-TH”.
Won’t be long before you can hear it too.

Start with the basics – it’s part of my 10 CD project of over 120 songs that explore just about every type of music you can play with one voice and one standard guitar.

This collection has some old FAST classics

A Hard Day’s Night
Hey Joe

Some SLOW classics

The Look of Love
Then You Can Say Goodbye

Plus some surprises

Somewhere over the Rainbow,
This is It (The Bugs Bunny Theme Song)

Lots of originals

She Means Everything To Me

and always some instrumentals for Pet Dog Guitar to shine

Closing Set Bop
For more MUSIC, 7 full CD’s of free Postmod Music)





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