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Happy Thanksgiving All!

November 27, 2014

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Some Say They Want a Music Revolution

November 27, 2014

Some say they want some new music, want the vitality that comes from a little music revolution? Well hang on, because here goes!

Start with no electric guitars, bass, or drums. Why? That forces musicians to think outside of a 60 year old, generic rock/rap/country/pop, formula, and forces people to be creative and innovative etc.

Next? Go beyond the Big 3, the 3 corporations that own the music
business; (Warners/Universal/Sony) and oppose their stranglehold on music.

Keep going! Oppose videos, as being too expensive for most musicians to make, and that shifts the emphasis back on the music not the visuals.

Don’t stop now? Stop writing your own songs, and let professional songwriters write good songs again.

Finally if you really want revolution? Support the Postmod revolution coming out of Dallas and the zine Musea..

Ten Year, 150 Song, 9 CD, Project now online at CDBaby

November 23, 2014

My 10 year long, 150 song, 9 CD, voice and guitar, outside the box – set, is finished and ready for sale

This was quite a week for me. After working for a month or two, Webmaster Matthew Creed and I got all of my 9 CD’s, 150 songs, in the Online Music Store CDBaby, the largest indie music selling site,
(and they in turn get it in all the other major stores, I-tunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.)

You are invited to be one of the first to view the CD pages. Start here, try out some songs, and go from there.

These 9 CD’s are also all available on the site too.

Thanks to Matthew, both of my audio engineers, Pamela Irwin, and Nolan Brett, and all the fine photographers who contributed cover photos. WOW it’s finally finished!

From CDBaby:
This recording is part of the, outside the box, set of 150 songs, a collection of all types of music, that show: the many variations of voice and standard guitar music, a type of combo guitar style, and 17 years of box office concerts.


Tom Hendricks

Fashion Fun (Puzzle Dress)

November 9, 2014

Puzzle Dress

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Cartoon Selfie

October 25, 2014

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