Zine Hall Of Fame (revisited)

Zines were exploding in the early nineties. Desk top publishing and copy stores allowed anyone to make and publish their writings on anything. Zinesters popped out of every city and began to share their work with others. But where was the media? They still haven’t covered this golden age of writing – and, as we see now, it was the last golden age of literature before the internet – that’s a big deal.

So to counteract that lack of coverage, in 1996, I began the Zine Hall of Fame – an ongoing place to celebrate many of the best zines. Over the years new inductees entered it’s hallowed halls.

I invite you, reader, to enter them too, and peruse a time of very great writers and writing, and publishing, and book making – all the things that zines and zinesters did and did so well.

How does a zine get in?  Here’s the rules:


Our 2 part criteria is this:
1. The zine must be published for at least 3 years (or the zine contributor must have been writing for zines for over 3 years)
2. The zine must be of the highest quality.
And it doesn’t hurt if the zinester is prolific, supports other zines, and sells at a reasonable price too.

Here are links to the ZHOF:

Zine Hall of Fame (on zinewiki)

And from Musea

Musea Contents Page (see Complete Zine Hall of Fame)

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2 Responses to “Zine Hall Of Fame (revisited)”

  1. musea Says:

    Be sure to check out Zine World too


  2. musea Says:

    Reblogged this on Musea Zine and commented:

    Some did an article on the best overlooked books of the year. Here is my response: Most overlooked? Compare with an entire golden age of literature overlooked by everyone! Zines, or the desktop explosion from late 80’s for a decade or so, produced not only great writing, but great book making and illustration tied in with that writing. It was the first literature that included bookmaking as part of the achievement. It was the best writing of the 90’s and I bet you don’t even know about the thousands and thousands of zines, or the Zine hall of fame, etc. etc.

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